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Media Outreach Program

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Send a targeted email offering a complimentary review copy of your book to a customized media list!

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Materials Due: One week after order is placed
Proof Available: Two weeks after materials have been received
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Email Sent: Next business day after proof corrections have been made

IBPA members can send a targeted single-title email offering a complimentary review copy of their book to a "customized-for-that-book" media list of over 3,000 journalists, book reviewers, editors, bloggers, and producers using IBPA's new Media Outreach Program.

Participating in the Media Outreach Program puts IBPA's robust list of media contacts at your fingertips. Other programs offering dedicated single-title emails can cost upwards of $3,000, but IBPA keeps the costs low by using a cooperative marketing technique to spread the overall fee across multiple books. This means IBPA's Media Outreach Program can be made available to current IBPA members only for only $350 per book.

Check out the FAQ below and email IBPA Director of Marketing & Programming Lee Wind at with questions or for more information.

What is the purpose of IBPA's Media Outreach Program?

The purpose of IBPA's Media Outreach Program is to generate media interest in a book with the dual goals of exposure to an audience of media influencers as well as to gain professional reviews and/or media coverage.

How does IBPA's Media Outreach Program work?

IBPA members submit the following information about their book and IBPA uses it to design and send a sleek, professional email to over 3,000 "customized-for-that-book" media contacts. Again, the purpose of the email is to generate media interest in a book with the goal of gaining professional reviews and/or media coverage.

  1. A subject header for the email – the first hook (5-15 words)
  2. A second hook, placed as a featured quote - an excellent spot to highlight awards, etc. (15-30 words)
  3. The book's title, author, cover image,and 50-80 word description
  4. The story behind the story (optional, but highly recommended) – why you/your author wrote the book (50-70 words)
  5. The author photo and optional illustrator photo
  6. The author bio (30-50 words) and optional illustrator bio (30-50 words)
  7. An optional interior-spread
  8. The publisher's name
  9. Up to three ISBNs with corresponding formats
  10. The publisher's email address so media contacts can directly request a complimentary review copy

Here is an example of the final email:

What is a "customized-for-that-book" media contact list?

Every targeted email is sent to:

1) IBPA’s "Books/Literature Beat" house list of 2,000+ media contacts.

This list includes book reviewers, editors, staff writers, freelance journalists, bloggers, and producers who opted in to receive information about IBPA member titles in the past, and media contacts identifying "Books/Literature" as their beat who are pulled from Meltwater's media database.

2) Three (3) additional media contact lists each containing 250-400 media influencers focusing on a particular subject area.

This is where the media contact list gets "customized-for-the-book." Have a book on hot air ballooning? You can add 250-400 media contacts looking for stories on "aviation." Wrote a book exploring the history of professional sports? You can add 250-400 media contacts whose beat is "sports."

Below is the full list of available media contact lists. Additional contact lists can be purchased to increase the reach of the email for $35 each. Additional contact lists can be purchased here.

Media Contact Lists

1. Demographic Interest: African American
2. Demographic Interest: Asian
3. Demographic Interest: Children A
4. Demographic Interest: Children B
5. Demographic Interest: Children C
6. Demographic Interest: Disabled and Senior Citizen
7. Demographic Interest: Feminism and Women A
8. Demographic Interest: Feminism and Women B
9. Demographic Interest: Feminism and Women C
10. Demographic Interest: LGBTQ
11. Demographic Interest: Hispanic A
12. Demographic Interest: Hispanic B
13. Demographic Interest: Hispanic C
14. Demographic Interest: Indigenous and Ethnic
15. Demographic Interest: Jewish
16. Demographic Interest: Men
17. Demographic Interest: Student A
18. Demographic Interest: Student B
19. Demographic Interest: Student C
20. Demographic Interest: Youth
21. Agriculture A
22. Agriculture B
23. Agriculture C
24. Animals A
25. Animals B
26. Animals C
27. Automotive A
28. Automotive B
29. Automotive C
30. Aviation A
31. Aviation B
32. Beauty and Fashion A
33. Beauty and Fashion B
34. Beauty and Fashion C
35. Building and Construction A
36. Building and Construction B
37. Building and Construction C
38. Business A
39. Business B
40. Business C
41. Info and Communications Technology A
42. Info and Communications Technology B
43. Info and Communications Technology C
44. International (you can specific the country/region)
45. Crime and Conflicts A
46. Crime and Conflicts B
47. Crime and Conflicts C
48. Culture and Society A
49. Culture and Society B
50. Culture and Society C
51. Design A
52. Design B
53. Design C
54. Education A
55. Education B
56. Education C
57. Electronic Goods A
58. Electronic Goods B
59. Electronic Goods C
60. Energy A
61. Energy B
62. Energy C
63. Engineering A
64. Engineering B
65. Entertainment A
66. Entertainment B
67. Entertainment C
68. Environment A
69. Environment B
70. Environment C
71. Family and Relationships A
72. Family and Relationships B
73. Family and Relationships C
74. Finance and Economy A
75. Finance and Economy B
76. Finance and Economy C
77. Food and Beverage A
78. Food and Beverage B
79. Food and Beverage C
80. Government and Politics A
81. Government and Politics B
82. Government and Politics C
83. Health and Wellbeing A
84. Health and Wellbeing B
85. Health and Wellbeing C
86. Hobbies and Recreation A
87. Hobbies and Recreation B
88. Hobbies and Recreation C
89. House and Home A
90. House and Home B
91. House and Home C
92. Industrial Manufacturing A
93. Industrial Manufacturing B
94. Industrial Manufacturing C
95. Legal A
96. Legal B
97. Legal C
98. Media A
99. Media B
100. Media C
101. Medicine and Pharmaceutical A
102. Medicine and Pharmaceutical B
103. Medicine and Pharmaceutical C
104. Military A
105. Military B
106. Military C
107. Music A
108. Music B
109. Music C
110. Performing Arts A
111. Performing Arts B
112. Performing Arts C
113. Religion and Belief A
114. Religion and Belief B
115. Religion and Belief C
116. Retail and Consumer Goods A
117. Retail and Consumer Goods B
118. Retail and Consumer Goods C
119. Science A
120. Science B
121. Science C
122. Sports A
123. Sports B
124. Sports C
125. Technology A
126. Technology B
127. Technology C
128. Transportation A
129. Transportation B
130. Transportation C
131. Travel and Tourism A
132. Travel and Tourism B
133. Travel and Tourism C
134. Visual Arts A
135. Visual Arts B
136. Visual Arts C


There is an option to add a Keyword Search to your order to add 250-400 media contacts who have recently covered that subject. You can find out more about that option here.

QUESTION: What results can I expect?

ANSWER: This is a new program, and in the first months of sending out targeted emails to customized-for-those-books media lists, the range of review requests has been between 1 (It was the Washington Post) to 23 copies.

And those requests have been from media outlets including:

  • The Chicago Tribune
  • Radio Interview requests
  • PBS
  • CBS Interactive
  • Consumer Magazines like Forbes and Inc.
  • Midwest Book Review
  • Freelance Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • And programs, publications, and online sites aligned with specific target audiences - to match the book!

Impressions (media contacts who open/skim/read the email about your book) have ranged from 240-590. That's hundreds of media influencers who will find out about your book!

All together, participation in IBPA's Media Outreach Program could certainly help raise the profile of your book.

QUESTION: What if my book is fiction? Can it still benefit from this program?

ANSWER: Yes! fiction books have themes that resonate with media beats, too. And we'll include all the media folks who say they're interested in fiction to match your genre (including children's books, fantasy and science fiction, poetry, and more).

QUESTION: Is this only for pre-launch marketing, or can we participate with an older book?

ANSWER: We don't limit the program to front-list titles, as it's good for active backlist titles to get media attention as well! Having said that, do keep in mind that having some tie-in to recent events, news, or an ever-green subject can help a backlist title generate media interest.

QUESTION: What does A, B, and C mean after a media contact list?

ANSWER: A, B, and C means the media contact pool for that area is so large we can do multiple pulls of 250-400 contacts each.

QUESTION: What are the next steps?

ANSWER: Once your order is placed above, you'll receive an email with full instructions and a link to the form where you can send in the information needed about the book, including the three customized media contact lists.

If you have further questions , please email IBPA Director of Marketing and Programming Lee Wind at or call 310-546-1818.

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