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Read what IBPA members have to say!

Below are some testimonials sent in by IBPA members. If you have a story to tell, share it by emailing Christopher Locke at We look forward to hearing from you!

“IBPA has been a great organization to be a part of due to their knowledge and helpful ways. I started with the Independent magazine, and I noticed right away how it was worth my time to read from front to back cover. I find tips and stories that have helped my successes along the way. I am now using many of their resources for learning, advertisement, and feedback. My most recent has been NetGalley, and I am loving the honest outside reviews. This is helping me market and understand more of what my newest book is about from others' perspectives. I also must add that the people who make up IBPA really are the best. They are quick to help, respond, and cheer you on! You can't ask for more, as IBPA is the whole nine yards.”

—Casey Rislov, Casey Rislov Books (9/2020)

“You are all terrific and so very helpful at IBPA. I also enjoy your webinars, many and varied promotion opportunities, as well as important discounts. Great organization and much needed, particularly now.”

—Gabrielle Robinson, Author Publisher member of IBPA (9/2020)

“I’m writing [and planning to publish] my first book, so I need lots of guidance. In fact, I don’t even know what to ask for yet! Thankfully, the IBPA organization is really helpful and has already put me in touch with people who can help my book reach the finish line.”

—Tabitha Scott, Powering Potential Media (7/2020)

“I have really enjoyed the series of webinars. The fact that I can view them on my schedule is fabulous. I seem to learn something from each one.”

—Carolyn Schrader, Bear Republic Media (6/2020)

“Our new release, Beijing: A Symmetrical City, reached No.1 in New Release in three categories on Amazon: Children's Asian History, Children's Architecture, and Children's Asian Books! I believe a large part of this should be credited to IBPA's NetGalley program. I heard of NetGalley on IBPA and decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did! We gathered lots of great reviews, which created a good momentum when the book was launched in mid-June. Thank you, IBPA and NetGalley!”

—Yan Liu, 1 Plus Books (6/2020)

“Being part of the IBPA community adds a valuable dimension to the information and advice I can offer my consulting clients, starting with the IBPA’s Industry Standards Checklist and Hybrid Publisher Criteria. Truly, the generosity I've seen filters throughout the community you have created. It should be no surprise that these independent publishers are so willing to offer their own support to their colleagues. The general attitude is that these are our colleagues, not our competitors.”

—Publisher Partner Pam Sheppard, Sheppard Editorial Services (6/2020)

“Thank you so much for all that IBPA does. I've learned so much on the weekly roundtables, and Christopher has gone out of his way to help me with NetGalley. You all are terrific!”

—Valerie Taylor, Author Publisher (5/2020)

“We made some major changes to this book and the last book we launched based on NetGalley feedback, so it's been SUPER valuable and useful. We'll continue adding our books to NetGalley through the IBPA NetGalley Program prior to every launch.”

—Alexa Bigwarfe, Kat Biggie Press (4/2020)

“We are excited about the opportunities that IBPA has provided! This is our first year as a publishing company and IBPA has been so helpful in guiding us along.”

—Sarah Ritter, Pacific Street Publishing (3/2020)

“I attended the Cookbook webinar and I found the information shared by the participants to be very helpful. The general points of marketing and distribution were applicable to my book publishing efforts as well. There’s always a good takeaway that I can use for my business. Thank you IBPA for another great learning experience.”

—Kathleen Bates, Rising Fawn Press (3/2020)

“I incorporated and published my first children's book last year. I learned a lot during the process—but had I joined IBPA sooner, I'd have learned a lot more, faster. So far, I've listened to talks from two directors and the Facebook webinar. I learned so much from all of them. I am absolutely delighted to be a part of this community as I work on growing my business and my brand.”

—Valerie L. Egar, Whistle Oak Publishing (2/2020)

“I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from a publisher on a similar road as mine. Having that experience validation is a confidence builder. Being in a community that shares, supports, and builds is just what I was looking for in my IBPA membership.”

—Cheryl Johnson, Skye's The Limit Publishing & Public Relations (2/2020)

IBPA’s Media Outreach Program generated almost immediately many requests for my book Your Home Sweet Home: How to Decide Whether to Stay or Move in Retirement. It has already led to a print interview and a request to write an article. The carefully targeted list brought responses from Think Advisor, Forbes, Barron’s, The Washington Post and other outlets that are a good fit. It is the single best outreach program I have had the opportunity to participate in.”

—Author Publisher Penelope S. Tzougros (2/2020)

“Our IBPA Dedicated Publisher eBlast reached 2x the number of librarians as a regular eBlast but generated 10x the number of leads! Amazing!”

—Aaron Barnhart, Quindaro Press (2/2020)

“I participated in the IBPA PubU Online webinar, "Your Metadata Makeover: Leveraging Your Book Description, Author Bio, and BISAC Headings for Success." It was fabulous. It exceeded my expectations, and now I have quite a long list of actions to take over the next weeks and months. Thank you!”

—Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD (10/2019)

“The Metadata Makeover Webinar and a few others I have taken by IBPA are a jam-packed hour of information, hitting all the high points of the topic. The experts leading the webinars make it easy to follow along and understand the information, even if it's a topic that you have little experience with. Just an hour of your time will give you valuable information that you can implement throughout your publishing career. I will register for more.”

—Charlotte Digregorio, Artful Communicators Press (10/2019)

“Nearly two years into my membership now and I continue to be impressed with the efficiency and impact of IBPA’s book marketing programs, most notably its Media Outreach and targeted email blasts. The signup and setup of each campaign is intelligently designed and easy to implement, and the results, for me, have been spectacular. Of all the organizations I belong to as an indie publisher, the IBPA has exceeded all expectations and now ranks as #1 in my marketing arsenal.”

—Gary McAvoy, Literati Editions (10/2019)

“The IBPA webinars are absolutely the best value for the money. I always learn something helpful from them. This webinar was so packed with information that I'm going to have to print off the slides and make a workbook out of it. While I have heard some of this information before in other settings, this was such a great, organized format that it is going to be very useful.”

—Kathleen Bates, Rising Fawn Press (09/2019)

“You guys at IBPA are the best. So friendly and helpful, and you make it feel like a real community. Your collective passion and sincerity is palpable."

—Philip Elliott, Into the Void (08/2019)

“IBPA's wonderful NetGalley program enabled us to post a digital ARC of our latest picture book, The Artist Who Loved Cats: The Inspiring Tale of Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen, three months before the official release date. By the time the book launched in June, we had received more than 50 glowing reviews! Most of those were automatically posted to Goodreads, and a few reviewers posted their reviews on their blogs as well! The IBPA staff (thanks, Christopher Locke!) did the bulk of the work interfacing with NetGalley so that we could just sit back and let the reviews roll in. At the end of our three-month listing, we received a comprehensive spreadsheet so we could utilize reviews for promotion and follow up with reviewers. We love ALL of our IBPA membership benefits, but this is definitely our favorite. It's an invaluable way to create advance buzz and launch a new book with reviews in hand.”

—Susan Bernardo, Inner Flower Child Books (08/2019)

“Thanks again for providing this service--IBPA Library Market eBlasts are the very best way I've found to reach libraries directly. ”

—Susan Albert, Persevero Press (05/2019)

“The IBPA Library Market eBlast proved to be a valuable method to make important connections with media center specialists and teachers at schools throughout the country. Worth the investment, I'm happy with the results.”

— Author Publisher Jeannine Kellogg (03/2019)

“I’ve gotten several requests just in the first hour or so of the Media Outreach Program campaign, including from CNN and WHYY (which, coincidentally, is home to NPR’s Fresh Air )! I have to say, this is a great opportunity you’re passing on to members and I’m thrilled to have taken it on."

— Author Publisher Gary McAvoy (03/2019)

“Our Media Outreach Program experience was excellent. I'm going to schedule it for my next book, too!"

— Mari L. McCarthy, Chief Inspiration Officer & Singer/Songwriter, CreateWriteNow (02/2019)

“I learn from IBPA every day. Your online resources are well-vetted, your articles and webinars timely, and I keep your magazine as a reference source. And, as a small press hybrid publisher, I have a way to engage with my peers, find credible business partners, and consider new perspectives. That’s just scratching the surface of why I consider membership in IBPA one of my best investments.”

— Leslie Turner, Encourage Publishing (01/2019)

“Everyone on the IBPA staff has consistently provided outstanding knowledge and service... The ads and programs we participated in over the years have given us a good return in sales and visibility, in particular the series of ads we ran over the past year in IBPA’s bookstore catalogs.”

— Susan Gibbs, Hawkshadow Publishing Company (12/2018)

“Just wanted to share with you the good news that as a result of following up with the leads generated at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, I have just agreed to license the publishing and distribution rights for the Indian subcontinent to an Indian publisher for our new book Better Decisions Better Thinking Better Outcomes. Thanks again for making the Frankfurt Book Fair available to us independent publishers and authors.”

— Steven Howard, Caliente Press, Palm Springs, CA (12/2018)

“The recent IBPA PubU Online webinar, “Prepping for Launch Day: Reviews, Ads, Giveaways, and More” was packed with information. I am truly appreciative for what IBPA has to offer.”

— DeQuincy Reed, Future Publisher (12/2018)

“Thank you, IBPA. I've been in this business for 52 years, and I have written a dozen books and published a dozen more for fellow authors... It's a tough time for authors and publishers and you guys are a ray of hope.”

— Paul Chutkow, Val de Grace Books (12/2018)

“Your organization has always been such a consistent and reliable source of excellent information, kindness, and support to us. Thank you for all that you do!”

— Valerie Blau, PR/Marketing Coordinator, ASK Productions, Inc. (11/2018)

“The IBPA Independent is consistently the most readable trade publication I have ever received. It can benefit publishers of all levels. The articles about book covers in the May/June issue were especially helpful for a title I am publishing in 2019. This issue gives so many interesting ideas, examples, and explanations so I can effectively convey my thoughts to a designer for feedback and suggestions. Thank you!”

— Charlotte Digregorio, Artful Communicators (07/2018)

"As the producer of a local access TV show, The Writer's Dream, I interview many authors, most of whom are self-published. The topics are the three biggies for authors; WRITING, PUBLISHING, and MARKETING. The resource that comes up as most helpful is IBPA. From webinars, to guidebooks, to marketing advice and packages, IBPA is right on target. My advice to new authors is to join IBPA and browse the website, to find out what honest, reliable and substantive information there is for them to launch their books. So, thanks, IBPA and Lee Wind for giving Indie authors much needed resources and guidance.

Linda María Frank, Author: Annie Tillery Mysteries, Producer of The Writer's Dream on YouTube (06/2018)

"I am so glad I joined IBPA. It was the best decision ever! What a great investment — investing in myself."

Äunya N. Robinson, Author Publisher of The Fairy Baby Children's Books (04/2018)

"Each member of your staff has been unfailingly generous with both patience and assistance. The world of publishing can be a very confusing and intimidating place for an independent author, and the support and guidance you provide is immeasurable."

Virginia Weiss, Beaver's Pond Press (04/2018)

"This year will mark my second year in attendance of the IBPA [Publishing] University. Of all the conferences I've attended over the years as an author, publisher, and former bookstore owner, this by far is the best as it both informs about the book industry and sets high standards that authors, and publishers need for success.

I built on my contacts from the previous year and dug deeper into meta data, keywords, marketing and distribution. The journey to success is a long one, and as I grow into the field, I learn and share in different ways. Last year I made contacts that transformed my cover designs. This year I finally found distribution due to years of diligence. I also learned more about audible books.
At the University, the board members contribute their expertise through workshops and informal gathers. The breakfast meetings set the tone for the day. Not only can you talk about your own needs but learn from other attendees.

I was impressed with the entire conference but must give additional praise to Joshua Tallent for his clear explanations of keywords and meta data, Elizabeth Turnbull for her explanation of marketing, and to Michele Cobbe, Tavia Gilbert, and Deborah Jacobs, for their incredible workshop on Audiobooks.

As always, the Benjamin Franklin Award Banquet caps the success of others and inspires us all. Thank you IBPA! "

Abbe Rolnick, Sedro Publishing (04/2018)

"The IBPA has been a lightning rod for me. I encourage everyone to check out all the programs being offered at their Publishing University Online and take full advantage. Being independent no longer means being alone."

Doug Burton, Deep Oar Media (04/2018)

"I'm so thankful for the content provided by IBPA. The Publishing University 2018 conference was stellar. I believe attending this conference is going to move BWP to a whole new level in the publishing industry. I can't wait to see where Publishing University is going to be in 2019. Will not miss it!"

Angela Broyles, Bluewater Publications (04/2018)

“I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU so much for all you do to assist and encourage independent publishers, like myself, in the journey. I greatly appreciate all the effort and planning that goes into Publishing University, and I know this year I walked away with many new friends and a plethora of useful knowledge that will benefit my company.”

Rachel Pellegrino, Little Lamb Books (04/2018)

"We have always gotten great value out of our IBPA experiences and look forward to getting more involved now that our company is growing!"

— Andy Golub, Prospect Press (03/2018)

"We love the IBPA’s Library E-Blast Program, not only for the visibility it provides but also for the opportunity to collect high-quality leads that we can use in our marketing efforts going forward. This program allows us to see quantifiable results from our marketing spend while we build relationships with this important market segment. I highly recommend it to other IBPA members!"

— Jennifer Scroggins, KiCam Projects (03/2018)

"IBPA’s recent Spring Public Library eBlast helped push my latest indie title into a second printing. Libraries want to support indie authors and publishers, but they have to know who we are. Thanks, IBPA, for getting the word out!"

— Susan Wittig Albert, Persevero Press (03/2018)

"We love IBPA's NetGalley program! Sharing digital ARCs (advance review copies) of our books in the months prior to publication has allowed us to get a running start on our book launches. We've been able to connect with readers, reviewers and book bloggers to create buzz and build our presence on Goodreads and Amazon. Thank you, IBPA, for offering this great resource at a great price - and helping level the playing field for indie publishers!"

— Susan Bernardo & Courtenay Fletcher, Author, Illustrator &
Indie Publishers, Inner Flower Child Books (02/2018)

"After the retirement of my PR guru last year, I was at a loss as to what to use for media releases. I had used PRWeb before, at great expense, with negligible results. What a waste! I jumped at the new benefit from IBPA for a media blast, the IBPA Media Outreach Program. While our release was quite specific, the quality of the reviewers has been quite good indeed. Our author is being interviewed for a radio program in San Francisco, Better Homes & Gardens has requested a copy of his book, along with numerous other smaller publications around the country. Thank you, IBPA! The cost is quite reasonable, and the quality is very good indeed."

— Kitty Werner, RSB Press/Distinction Press/Button Street Press (02/2018)

"Thanks for all your great work [on the IBPA Hybrid Publisher Criteria]! These types of standards make our job easier identifying excellent books from INDIE presses for our readership of librarians and booksellers."

— Victoria Sutherland, Publisher, Foreword Reviews (02/2018)

"We participated in IBPA's new Media Outreach Program, and I’ve been more than pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of the requesters."

— Bruce Bortz, Bancroft Press (02/2018)

"Thanks... That was the most useful Webinar I have watched. Really ‘demystified book distribution’ as advertised. :-)"

— Mark Sanders, Educate2Empower Publishing (01/2018)

"IBPA’s Library eBlast program put my book in front of thousands of librarians; even better, they sent me a spreadsheet of those who had clicked on my ad so I could follow up with more information. That’s a great opportunity for a micro-publisher/indie author like me! I will definitely be doing this again."

— Anna Castle, Author Publisher of "Moriarty Meets His Match" (01/2018)

"We have absolutely loved our two years with IBPA. The people are friendly and professional, PubU has been super helpful, and we enjoy the monthly magazine for all the publishing tips we pick up. We wish to thank all the wonderful people at IBPA, and we just might see you at a future PubU. In the meantime, we are telling others about what a great organization IBPA is!"

— Sheila and Mark Cameron, Catch Our Drift Productions Inc. (12/2017)

"It was gratifying that my novel received a request from the literary agent Wampe de Veer [at the Frankfurt Book Fair]. I will definitely follow up on this request, and am very appreciative of the guidelines you sent for doing so. Thanks again! Your efforts are so important in keeping us indie authors going."

— Linda Grace, Big Rock Press (11/2017)

"IBPA's NetGalley Program has proved immensely beneficial to this author and her book! (UNDERSTANDING AUTISM IN ADULTS AND AGING ADULTS by Theresa Regan). We are both very pleased and think it was one of our best investments in terms of book marketing and promotions. I also see that this newest review is from a librarian, which also makes me glad that we included this book in your catalog at the ALA Annual Conference. Both efforts are bringing a great return on investment."

— Janet Angelo, Editor and Publisher, IndieGo Publishing (08/2017)

"Of all the organizations I joined last year, I have found IBPA to be the most responsive to my needs as an independent author/publisher. Thanks for giving us independent publishers a voice."

— Janice Petrie, Seatales Publishing Co. (08/2017)

"It is very encouraging to see this much response to my Books For Review catalog ad. Thanks!"

— Ahmed Lotfy Rashed (08/2017)

"Believe me, I have tried everything, and there are only two or three things in the Indie marketing arena that do work. IBPA's Bookstore Catalog has been effective for us!"

— Charles Davis, Golden Lotus Publishing (07/2017)

"Just wanted you to know how grateful I am that you let me in from the wait list so that I could attend Publishing University. It was a wonderful weekend for me. Everyone I met was incredibly supportive and encouraging. I learned a tremendous amount and feel much more confident about taking my next steps toward becoming a publisher. I also felt like I was able to contribute to the discussions and hopefully help others on their publishing journeys, as well. The combination of general sessions, 1-on-1 sessions, and the vendor trade show was perfect. I learned so much from all three formats. Thank you for all that you did to make this such a special event for everyone. I am so happy that I attended and became a member of IBPA!"

— Doug Chalmers - Publisher (04/2017)

IBPA member Michael C. Higgins, PhD (right) is interviewed on camera by IBPA CEO Angela Bole (left) about his book, EXPLORING WINE REGIONS: ARGENTINA.

"Joining IBPA was one of the very best things I did last year.

Although I am a 20 year veteran of magazine publishing, I am brand new to book publishing. Some things are similar, some things very different. So, I joined IBPA and got very involved, and did many things with you. Some were good, some not as good, and some were excellent. It was the educational experience that was over the top. I learned so much from you in this past year that I am truly overwhelmed with the benefits. Thank you. Your staff are excellent. The events useful. The seminars value-rich. Great advertising opportunities. I read the IBPA Independent (magazine) cover to cover there is so much value inside. I could go on...

I look forward to another great year with you. If anyone is ever on the fence for joining, I would be happy to give them a great big nudge of excellence! Keep up the great work."

— Michael C. Higgins, PhD, International Wine Traveler & Photographer, Exploring Wine Regions (02/2017)

"Though you don’t really know us, I wanted to tell you that my business partner and I sold Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers to Taylor & Francis/Routledge in late 2016, so our company has closed. Thus, we will no longer be members of IBPA. I want to take this opportunity to tell you what a terrific resource your organization was for me during the many years we were in business. The IBPA Independent magazine is extremely professional and offers good, relevant content. I want to offer my sincere thanks to you and the other board members for your contributions to IBPA. It is one of the most professional and well-managed organizations I’ve had the pleasure to belong to."

—Gay Pauley, Publisher, Holcomb Hathaway (From an email to IBPA's COO Terry Nathan 02/2017)

"It is very easy to work with IBPA, [they are] always responsive and helpful. I have learned a great deal from this organization. I highly suggest membership to anyone who is in the writing, illustration or publishing field! I love IBPA's informative magazine!

—Lee Ann Mancini

"I would absolutely recommend [the Books for Review] service to others. All our marketing efforts (at least mine) are aimed at being "discovered." IBPA's review service is one of the most cost efficient ways I've found to help the "discovery" process. From my experience, I'd counsel my IBPA friends to (and with apologies to NIKE) - Just Do It!!

—Dennis Koller

"[I liked the Books for Review program because the] ad quality was outstanding on top of a very affordable price. Print advertising is very expensive as a rule - cost prohibitive for many of us small companies and indie authors. And of course, it targeted the group I wanted to target. At this time, I've received 4 review requests by notable review venues, so I'm delighted. We got our money's worth from the ad. I am delighted and proud to be member of IBPA. Thank you for being such great partners for us.

—Nancy Quatrano

"There's a lot of value in an IBPA membership, more than you might be aware of. I have been a member of IBPA since 1990. Recently, I had a dispute with a book manufacturer, and having the backing of IBPA to resolve the issue was essential. Terry Nathan put me in touch with his contact person at the company, and I got immediate results to review my complaint. (At first, on my own, my complaint was rejected.) IBPA's name carries a lot of weight, as companies that independent publishers do business with, know that IBPA advocates that members produce quality books with highly competitive standards in the marketplace. I am appreciative for all the hard work that the small staff of IBPA accomplishes on our behalf, and for making membership affordable."

— Charlotte Digregorio, Artful Communicators Press

"Summit Crossroads Press has been a member of IBPA for a very long time and has used many of IBPA’s marketing opportunities. Through IBPA’s Frankfurt exhibit, we sold rights to our books to eight different countries. We will be including my husband’s latest book, Teenagers & Parents: 12 Steps to a Better Relationship, in IBPA’s upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair Exhibit."

— Eileen Haavik McIntire, Summit Crossroads Press

"Once again, we feel we must thank IBPA for your member benefits and the services you offer. Though we’re still a very small house with fewer than 40 publications, (but growing!) we’re a very serious publisher who markets all of our titles, and provides support to all of our authors and artists. Two weeks ago, we participated for the first time in the ABA Advance Access Program, and it was so successful for us first time out of the gate that we requested a second run. But when we discussed payment, Mr. Peter Reynolds told us the second time would be on the house, and we feel IBPA had to be informed of that level of service and how much we appreciated that. Additionally, IBPA’s member program with Baker & Taylor also landed us a distributor we trust. We filled out all the paperwork this week. We’ve always put out a professional, high quality publication, but now with IBPA’s help, we feel we’re better than ever."

— Kelly Preston, HD Media Press

"Maximize Your Sales on is the best IBPA seminar I have listened to and the best publishing seminar I have heard in a long time. I appreciated that [the presenter] said it is very difficult to get your book noticed among the millions of books that are on Amazon. She mentioned that on the Amazon description page one should use bullets, lists, and other short snippets of information. She explained what items to put in the author bio. Editorial reviews, Amazon Top Reviewers reviews, and Amazon Vine Reviewers were discussed as sources to get interviews of your book. This seminar had many other helpful tips to help increase the sales of your books."

— George Goddard, 29 Chances Press

"Thank you so much for sending the four lists of librarians who showed interest in our titles by clicking on the links in the March 10th K-12 Library e-Blast. These are wonderful contacts we’ll be able to reach out to about our other children’s trade books on science. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in these IBPA e-blasts!"

— Claire Reinburg, National Science Teachers Association

"Publishing University 2015 really worked on every level. I was so glad to be there. Every workshop, all presentations, all sponsors and vendors were informative and friendly and fun. People in publishing are a fine group of people! Thank you IBPA for all your good work – Publishing University might just be the best example to offer proof of your effectiveness. Thank you!"

— Patrice Maynard, Research Institute for Waldorf Education

"Thank you for supplying the recording and PowerPoint [for How to Create Killer Online Author Profiles]. I had an unexpected event that morning which didn’t allow me to participate in the webinar, but having the materials will help. I hate that I had to miss it. Mr. Schwartz did a very good job of speaking. Information was succinct and helpful."

— Margaret Spearman, Granite Peak Press

"Every aspect of my contact with IBPA makes me feel like a member of a community of lively, talented, smart people who are willing to share their experience and insights about our constantly mutating business. I’m grateful for the work of the IBPA staff and thank you all!"

— Pam Glenn, Class Action Ink

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the [Books for Review] Catalog. We were happy with the results and will most likely be participating again. Thank you for sending the reviewer information along."

— Bethany Coppock, Isaac Publishing

"I would definitely participate in [the Books for Review program] again simply because I can think of no other way to reach so many reviewers so easily. And those that respond are likely to be truly interested. IBPA’s Books for Review catalog is much better, and much cheaper, than just sending out unsolicited review copies."

— Gary Stewart, Cold Run Books

"The reviews [from the Books for Review catalog] were excellent once published. I circulated them on Linkedin and Facebook and other social media. Overall, the response was good!"

— Anne M. Evans, West River Publishing

"When I signed up for the Books for Review catalog, I didn’t have high expectations. However, the results exceeded my expectations! I keep the names of those who responded as contacts for the future. It’s not something I would do frequently, but it is a wonderful benefit for the right book at the right time."

— Carolyn Howard-Johnson, HowToDoItFrugally Publishing

"I wanted to take a moment and tell you how enjoyable it is to work with Mimi Le, IBPA’s Project Coordinator, Member Benefits Specialist. She is amazing! Whenever I have a question or don’t understand something or need input, Mimi always answers so timely, thoroughly, and efficiently! IBPA is lucky to have her on board; she is a reflection of all that IBPA represents. What a joy to be a member of an organization that I have the utmost respect for."

— Kerry Dunnington

"I want to thank you very much for sending me a personal copy of IBPA’s Indie Titles For Your Consideration Fall 2015 catalog and the esteemed Publishers Weekly magazine. The quality of these productions is simply outstanding. I love the texture of the covers for the Indie Titles catalog. Your overall package presentation (cover letter insert) is very professional and thoughtfully written. These items were significant highlights to my month of September. I am very proud to be associated with such a fine, classy organization."

— Valerie Christopher

"Thanks so much, IBPA! The LinkedIn group is a fantastic resource. I’ve already learned some things in the first fifteen minutes. Glad I joined."

— Karen Bartlett, Mostly Kids Guides

"I’m enjoying the July 2015 Independent! Reading the stories in “Success by Meaningful Measures” is inspiring and empowering. If they can do it, so can I. As a one book publisher, I’ve found these stories encouraging and helpful. While living in Seattle, I’ve been acquainted with Carolyn Threadgill and heard of the instant success of The Way I Feel upon its release. It’s an incredible success story along with all the others. Thanks once again to [Independent editor] Judith Appelbaum."

— Karen Robbins, Shoe Print Art

"I wanted to let you know that the ALA 2015 book signing was great. We made a lot of important connections and we expect more networking in the next days. The staff working at the IBPA booth were very professional and have excellent PR skills. They represented us very well. I will definitely repeat the experience if I have the opportunity, and I want to thank you for the great work you are doing to help us."

— Ana Costa Alongi, Sigillum Publishers

"Just wanted to pass along a note of gratitude for making my authors exhibiting with IBPA at ALA 2015 feel supported and provided for. I heard nothing but great things about your staff, the booth set up, and accommodations. The location was great for discoverability, and your staff made my staff feel right at home. We will definitely exhibit with IBPA again."

— Month9Books, Swoon Romance, and Tantrum Books

I am really loving the support and education IBPA provides. My association with your organization has shaved months, perhaps years off our start up curve. Not to mention $$$. Keep up the great work!!"

— Paul Huckleberry, Cleveland Writers Press

"I am so proud to be a member of a group run by such fine professionals with some of the purest intentions I’ve seen in my career and four major associations. I feel welcomed, and understood, and supported and informed, inspired, and confident that I can do this. Mission accomplished, all of you."

— Patti Pugliese, The Topical Agent

"Outstanding! IBPA Publishing University was one of the best that I’ve attended in 45 years of going to these events. In fine Swiss movements, high-quality information was presented professionally by experts. The jam-packed agenda came off without a wasted second. Besides the staff’s diligence, attention to details, and uncanny abilities to anticipate the needs of the members, the selection of break-out session moderators and panel presenters was awesome. Thank you for the Gestalt experience."

— Walter Danley

"IBPA is the best friend a small publisher could have. Book publishing is full of challenges, and it’s critically important to have the help of the responsive, well-informed people at IBPA. They certainly have been very helpful to me."

— Andre Shashaty, Partnership for Sustainable Communities

"...because of displaying my Shelburne Escape Line book at IBPA’s New York book exposition, Pen & Sword Books in the UK and I signed a contract to have them publish a hard-back copy of Shelburne in April 2015. They have been very nice to deal with and I’m quite excited about it."

— Cave Art Press

"Thanks for the report on the Frankfurter Messe. When I received Angela Bole’s initial report, about a week ago, I studied it carefully. I was impressed by the photos of the booth and of the traffic to the booth. Impressive too was the catalog. The layout is good, inviting and appealing. I enjoyed seeing my book listed and even found a book (Burning Beethoven) that interests me because of its relevance to America’s entry into WWI. I’ve actually contacted that book’s author.

Yesterday, of course, I was delighted by your [second email detailing all the leads developed during the show]. Scrolling down the list of your contacts I found that one has requested a copy of my book. Yikes!! Nifty!! Of course, I’ll follow-up immediately.

All of this prompts me to tell you and Angela and your colleagues that I think you have been doing a terrifically professional and effective job of helping and promoting independent publishers. Thanks much for that."

— Burt Pines

"I want to thank the IBPA team for all the help you have provided this year. I read all the email and print publications from IBPA, and always learn something new. This is an exciting time for independent publishing, including self-publishing. I can only imagine how far off track I would be if I hadn’t stumbled upon IBPA. (You were recommended by a CreateSpace consultant, and it’s the best advice I have received since completing my title.) Thanks again!"

— The Permanente Medical Group

"Thanks so much, IBPA! There’s such a variety of great material and offerings with membership. Very glad I joined."

— Self-Publisher (joined IBPA June 2014), Judith Henry

"The opportunity to promote our titles through NetGalley has proved to be extremely valuable for us. NetGalley is a cost effective way to present our titles directly to influential readers and social media outlets. It has proved to be a helpful tool in the promotion of both our adult and children’s titles, that avoids the costs associated with producing physical review copies. I can wholeheartedly recommend the IBPA NetGalley program to any publisher that is thinking of giving it a try."

— Stephen Williams, Wisdom Tales

"IBPA is always coming up with innovative and useful programs for its members. The NetGalley member benefit opportunity is just one of the ways IBPA members are able to get their books in front of a larger audience."

— Georgia McBride, Georgia McBride Media Group

"I want to share our amazing experience at IBPA’s Cooperative Booth during BEA 2014. We decided to participate in a session at the author signing table, but being that we’re such a small publisher (and this was our first book) we weren’t sure if anyone would show up. Let me say we were absolutely amazed to see the number of folks who lined up for a copy of Bubblegum Princess. We drew such a big crowd we ran out of books (and we brought 50)! We were thrilled at the response and wish to let all members know how important it is to participate at the IBPA booth during BEA! Photos available here."

— Julie Gribble, NY Media Works

"Thanks for IBPA. I have seen you grow and change directions over the years reflecting richer choices and always with a keen sense of responsibility towards we, the little guys. For someone like myself it is a lifeline."

— Gloria T. August, English Garden Talk Press

"It’s great to find a group that is working to make self-publishing a successful choice. This organization is a tremendously supportive resource."

— Dr. Carol Swartz

"The IBPA Independent is like my road map and handbook for success."

— Kirt Manecke, Solid Press, LLC

"Thanks so much for your work with IBPA. The organization’s magazine, website and marketing programs have been such a help in our first book launch."

— Shawne Workman, Penscript Publishing House, LLC

"I joined in the spring of 1995. It is hard to believe that it has been 18 years! PMA/IBPA has been a tremendous resource and a wonderful group to be associated with all these many years. Over the years I have talked with many new authors/publishers and aspiring authors/publishers, and I have encouraged each of them to join and take advantage of all the resources and information you offer. You fill a great need in the publishing community and are a strong advocate for the “little guys”– please know this is much appreciated!!"

— Ellen Bryant Lloyd, Butterfly Creations, Inc.

"I have been so impressed with the personal “hands-on” assistance and counsel provided by the senior execs at IBPA! The organization’s network and resources have proved invaluable. To say it pays for itself over and over is an understatement."

— Andrew Boemi, Dodd Merrill Press

"You were so prompt to respond to my concerns… Thank you so very much! Already I feel that my company’s membership with your prestigious, respected organization has proved truly valuable."

— Carolyn Barbour Anderson, Micah Publishing

"Publishing University was tremendous. The brevity of the event added to the intensity. People left feeling they wanted more rather than feeling drained."

— Diana Schneidman, Stand Up 8 Times

"I have enjoyed being a member and have benefited from the organization and would highly recommend it to anyone in the business."

— Barbara Wallace, Zingiber Publishing

"Wow! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry… The education I receive at the Pub U will give a huge boost to our new small press. Thank you so much, BPNW and IBPA!"

— Michelle Waits, Cut Bank Creek Press

"I have found IBPA to be a constant friend ready to patiently answer my questions, give willing advice and referrals to competent suppliers. In fact, IBPA is really an office full of Book Shepherds!"

— Flashback Publishing

"I just wanted to say that the April 2013 edition “Independent” looks amazing! It’s colorful, well-conceived and packed with useful information. Congratulations on a thing of beauty!"

— Dorothy Hall Smyk, New Harbinger

"I appreciate your response to my query. It added a much needed personal touch. Working exclusively through websites and online seems so impersonal to me. I would much rather speak to someone on the phone or write to someone like you."

— Ann E Aswegan , Windmill Beach Press

"I truly mean it, that your publications have terrific concrete information I can use every month. I have sticky notes all over them, and they tend to be stacked by my desk for easy reach. Thanks for all the tips and advice – I take something valuable away from every issue."

— Pamela Waterman, Metal Mouth Media

"to share some good news with you. I sold the translation rights to a Polish publisher in 2011 and the book is now going to print and will be released in Poland and Polish speaking areas. The Frankfurt Book Fair paid off!"

— Judith Anne Desjardins, Spirit House Publishing

"first met IBPA (and Lisa) at the ALA Annual Convention in Anaheim, CA. As a small but experienced publisher, I was immediately impressed (even overwhelmed) with the professionalism and the services offered. I have already found IBPA very cost-efficient for marketing and promoting my titles and plan to stay heavily involved with them. As for customer service, they are TOP NOTCH—I didn’t know that customer service like this still existed anywhere, anymore!"

— Silver Sky Publishing USA

"wasn’t that long ago that you helped me get my book in the marketplace. It has sold 65K+ copies and is being translated into 6 languages. Thank you, thank you!"

— Esther Gokhale, Founder, Gokhale Method®, Gokhale Method®

"IBPA’s NetGalley review program was exactly what we needed to harness the power of early reviews and word of mouth. It has meant the difference between many folks being aware of our titles, and a small few. We are grateful to Terry Nathan and IBPA for offering this amazing opportunity. It is exactly what small presses like Month9Books need to get and stay in the game."

— Georgia McBride, Publisher, Month9Books

"Thank you! The excellent advice you gave me more than paid for my annual dues this year. Now that I have this info, it will be a lot easier to move forward wisely."

— Kristin Zhivago, Revenue Coach, Zhivago Management Partners, Inc.

"I was so excited yesterday when I noticed The reviewed Entangled (IBPA, NetGalley program) – my first national site that I know of."

— Nikki Jefford, Author of the Spellbound Trilogy and Aurora Sky, Nikki Jefford

"Thanks. Just wanted to say I’m a pretty new member of IBPA and am really appreciating all your services!"

— Jay Nadeau, Editor-in-Chief, Biting duck Press

"And the key message to IBPA members is this never would have happened without the access to publication small, independent publishers and the tools available to them provide to new, or even long time but unknown writers. "

— James Butler, Coast Range Publishing

"Thank you for arranging this and the other IBPA webinars I’ve had the good fortune to attend."

— Pam Glenn, Class Action Ink

"I received the December and January issues of the Independent a few days ago … it’s BEAUTIFUL! I always enjoyed reading the old version, but now it’s a feast for the eyes along with having all the great content. Kudos! Glad I decided to rejoin IBPA … hope to see you in Chicago."

— Robin Lehman, Fogdog Press

"WOW! This website is TOTALLY AMAZING. User friendly and very informative. I’ve just spent a couple 0f hours learning more about publishing, marketing opportunities – and more. Thank you, IBPA … (Jan Nathan would be so proud!!)"

— Marilyn McGuire, Marilyn McGuire & Associates, Inc.

"Great job as usual. IBPA the 8th wonder of the publishing world – I forgot the first seven, oh yes the Gutenberg boys."

— Britt Minshall, Renaissance Institute Press

"Thank you! This was one of the best webinars on the topic that I have attended."

— Elizabeth Nishiura, Production Manager, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

"This was extremely helpful as I planned for my first book expo, and exactly the kind of support I expect as a member. My thanks to IBPA."

— David Kevin Weaver, Four Line Media

"I value my membership in IBPA and have always found the webinars helpful."

— Gary Broughman, CHB Media

"What an amazing service. Thank you very much! This information is exactly what I needed. I am truly enjoying being a member of IBPA. It’s been a great asset for my company."

— Aya Knight - CEO & Publication Coordinator, Silver Knight Publishing, LLC

"Thank you so much for letting me watch Karen Leland’s webinar on Twitter. It was fabulous. One topic, lots of detail, lots of time for questions. Exactly what a seminar should be. I loved it."

— Lina Simoni, President, Moonleaf Publishing, LLC

"I’m a big fan of IBPA … You do a great job at author education, and that’s my main concern these days, too."

— Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer

"I’ll continue to turn to IBPA in the future. Every one of the marketing programs I’ve taken advantage of through them this year has paid off for me. So kudos to IBPA!"

— Jane Cobb, Black Sheep Press

"Thank you for so proficiently representing our titles at Frankfurt! We appreciate what you do!"

— Cathy Winch, Personhood Press

"Thanks for the announcement regarding the IBPA’s new program with Bowker. This is yet another example of how the IBPA delivers real value-added services to its members… There have been a few occasions, since Pentelicus Press first signed up as an IBPA member, on which we have congratulated ourselves for making that decision. This is definitely one of them."

— Lawrence Robinson, Managing Editor, Pentelicus Press

"Thank you IBPA for helping me come rapidly up to speed as a publisher (still a long way to go), and providing me with a framework and contacts to help me sell a boatload of helpful information to disease sufferers around the world."

— Howard Straus, President Totality Books, Gerson Health Media

"Since each of you helped make this happen, I am writing the day I got the letter. Barnes & Noble Small Press Dept. just accepted our first book- Empowering Spanish Speakers – Answers for Educators, Business People and Friends of Latinos. Green Leaf and Quality Books also accepted us. We are so happy. Thank you, each of you, for all your help and encouragement. This is so totally amazing. IBPA has MADE our business!"

— Dr. Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie, President & CEO, Summerland

"IBPA is the most valuable organization I belong to. I read the magazine cover to cover, attend the webinars hosted online, and greatly enjoy the online newsletter. In fact, I cancelled my membership with another major organization in the audio book world because I get much more ‘bang for my buck’ with IBPA. I will be renewing first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks for the reminder and all the work everyone at IBPA does!"

— Karen Wolfer, Dog Ear Audio

"Our company is only six months old and our first book printed in February. We are gaining a lot of national attention and endorsements. IBPA has been instrumental in our initial success, both with information and contacts. Thank you for your work!"

— Denise EIde, Pedia Learning Inc.

"I do not know how your team does it, but the Independent is one of the most thoroughly researched and useful magazine on writing, publishing…the works. I am sure your new look will attract more subscribers. Here in the Virgin Islands I am gladly encouraging writers to check you out and become members of IBPA."

— Dr. S. B. Jones-Hendrickson, Professor of Economics, President Eastern Caribbean Licensing Association (ECCLA)

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues at IBPA for the great work you do on behalf of independent publishers. In such a competitive landscape, it’s great to know we have someone on our side, helping to look out for our interests and offering great advice and resources."

— Lawrence Robinson, Managing Editor, Pentelicus Press

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