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Reid Lance Rosenthal Donates 20,000 Books to U.S. Troops

Thursday, September 12, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Christopher Locke
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IBPA member Reid Lance Rosenthal holds two books in his Threads West series (Book 3, Uncompahgre, and Book 4, Moccasin Track) at a recent book event in Idaho.

IBPA Member and author Reid Lance Rosenthal has donated 20,000 copies of his book, Threads West: An American Saga, over the last three years to troops in the United States military. “Books are lasting (unlike food and goodies),” says Reid, “and can be passed amongst the women and men in the military. And the Threads West story is of America, her values, her lands, her freedoms, and her people, which is exactly what the troops are enduring—hell, interruption to life plans/family, and risk—to defend.”

Reid works with an organization, Move America Forward, to handle the logistics of the shipping. His independent publisher, Rockin’ SR Publishing, covers one-third of the cost of the project and he covers the shipping. “I am a rancher foremost, and am fortunate enough to be in a position to foot the expense, which is but a token, compared to the costs in life and limb that those men and women ‘pay.’ This is my way of expressing gratitude and admiration for what they do for us in the broiling suns and dust of the battlefield as opposed to the cushy life we lead here back at home.”

A member of the U.S. military receives a care package, which includes Reid Lance Rosenthal's novel, Threads West: An American Saga.

Because donating these books to the military means so much to Reid, he is especially pleased with the great response he’s received. “The reaction from the troops has been remarkable. I’ve have had men and women, some still in uniform, come up to me at Barnes & Noble and other book signings (I also do quite a few military base signings), and thank me profusely—some even grabbing the next books in the epic saga. I have some pictures troops have sent me reading in their Humvees. I have received hundreds of letters, usually when troops return stateside—not only thanking me for the books, but expressing gratitude for the story.”

Staff Sergeant William Gunderson from the U.S. Marine Corps wrote Reid to say, “Thank you for the book. The entire squad has now read the copy we received. Wonderfully written and, more importantly, was a reminder as to exactly why we are here, and who and what we are defending. The theme of your work should be called, ‘we are all Americans.’ Could not put it down."

Reid’s publisher, Rockin’ SR Publishing, is also impressed by his donation efforts. “Reid is our number one top seller and award winner, and our most aggressive author. We are proud to play a small role in Reid's relentless support of those that defend America, and to afford our troops respite from the rigors and strains of battle. It is indeed our honor to do so.”

Next up, Reid has multiple books on the horizon. Book Four in the series, Moccasin Track: Threads West, An American Saga, will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most independent book stores the week of Sept. 15. Book Five, Footsteps, will be coming out later this year and Book Six, Blood at Glorieta Pass, (a Civil War book) will be arriving in May 2020. And the second volume of his three-book nonfiction series, Land For Love and Money, will be publishing next summer.

Three Questions with IBPA Member Reid Lance Rosenthal

IBPA: Can you list some key lessons you’ve learned about how one can succeed as an author in the indie publishing space?

Reid Lance Rosenthal (RR): I focus on the writing and the marketing. My publisher focuses on the other nitty gritty.  But, regardless, the key is getting yourself out there—lots of book signings and full bore on those. Aggressive marketing... lots of press, radio, TV. It's simple—if folks don't know your book exists, they aren’t gonna buy it, read it, enjoy it, hear your message.

IBPA: Can you share marketing advice for other independent publishers?

The layout for Reid Lance Rosenthal's books at the Wisconsin State Fair in August 2019.

RR: Putting aside my radio show, social media, and website, I rely heavily on Barnes & Noble and event signings. I signed 9,387 books last year at roughly 63 days of signings—all day—none of this two hour crapola. Slightly less days in 2014, 15, 16, and 17. I am at about 7,428 books signed at 36 days of events thus far in 2019, with around 34 days of events between now and year end on tap. I expect to hit the 12,000 mark by year end, and another 3,000 give or take during a huge January event after the new year.

Authors should pick their times, location, demographics, and the season—it will vary a tad book by book. And they should do their set-up so it is appealing and ties in with their brand—not a table with a table cloth and one lonely bookstand with a forlorn pile of books. And when they sign someone's books, look them in the eye, and hand them their copy with a smile—they will be your reader forever.

IBPA: How has it been beneficial to you to be a member of Independent Book Publishers Association?

RR: In numerous ways: the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, all sorts of contacts who are now part of the Threads West team, marketing opportunities which we have participated in, and keeping tabs on the general flow of the industry.

IBPA: Thank you, Reid, for sharing your story and insight with the IBPA community!

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