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IBPA Member Spotlight: Izzard Ink

Thursday, July 19, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Caitlin Walker
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Izzard Ink Publishing Sells Rights to Brazil and Poland
L to R: Publisher Tim McConnehey poses with Senator Orrin Hatch and Paul Skousen (who updated his father's book, The Naked Communist, for today's readers.

IBPA Member Izzard Ink Publishing is expanding its presence in the international market with licenses in two more countries. In April, VIDE Editorial, a major publisher in Brazil, licensed and launched The Naked Communist: Exposing Communism and Restoring Freedom. Fans of the book in the United States, who had connections to Brazil, reached out to publishers with information about the title. In addition, the solid number of sales in the U.S. gave the book more visibility in the international market. Izzard Ink was contacted by an agent from VIDE, and soon they began to communicate, creating a great PR campaign.

Knowing their audience has been a big part of Izzard Ink's success. "We have worked with many international presses to have our books published," says Founder and Publisher Tim McConnehey. He keeps himself up-to-date on topical or political issues that relate to Izzard's titles, which has allowed them to enter into the international market with an understanding of where their books will have the highest demand. On July 4th, the press signed a license with ZYSK publishing to have The Naked Communist released in Poland in 2020. Communism has been a big topic in the country's current political environment, and there has been a major increase in those interested in reading up on it.

Of course, the international market still takes a lot of work to break into and some books can be harder to license than others. "We worked for three plus years to get [W. Cleon Skousen's The 5000 Thousand Year Leap] published in China," explains Tim. But their efforts have paid off, and currently, Izzard Ink has books licensed in China, Poland, Brazil, and Mongolia.

Izzard Ink's Author-Focused Hybrid Publishing Model

Tim McConnehey decided to take the leap into the world of independent publishing in 2011, after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about the increasing sales of e-books. Like many who decide to independently publish, Tim had never been satisfied with doing things the way they have always been done. With a background in corporate training, business development, and business management, Tim had extensive experience in client services and the know-how to navigate marketing and production. His goal was to create a company that gave authors the freedom to retain control of their work, which ultimately led him to decide on a Hybrid Publishing model. "We wanted to find a way where authors could keep access to the best talent in publishing while being 100% in control/vision of their book and owning 100% of the copyright," explains Tim.

Since then, Izzard's authors have been featured on Fox News, C-Span's Book TV, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other publications throughout the country. "We have worked with New York Times bestsellers, Hollywood elite, other publishing companies, and new authors."

Moving forward, Izzard Ink will be adding new authors to their roster. "We want to be there to help authors with proven methods that will give their book the best chance of success," says McConnehey. "We have published a book on our methods in 10 Secrets to a Bestseller: An Author's Guide to Self-Publishing and a workbook, which is a great way to get a "book business plan" overview.

In addition to providing more education for their own authors, Izzard Ink has been working with the IBPA Member Benefits Committee, making sure members continue to have benefits that will help their books be successful.

Four questions for Tim McConnehey:

IBPA: What avenues have you found most successful for marketing your books?

TM: Right now, we are having a lot of success with Amazon Marketing Services. For our books with over 40 reviews it has helped accelerate sales. How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence has benefited greatly from the Amazon ads as well as a recent BookBub promotion. During the BookBub promotion KDP Promotions contacted us about possibly running the book as one of their deals in the next six months. We will see what happens.

IBPA: What do you think is necessary for an independent press to thrive?

TM: Keep tweaking and honing your processes. Run beta tests with new ideas. We are currently running one with IBPA and the Media Outreach Program.

IBPA: In one sentence, can you sum up the mission of Izzard Ink?

TM: To bring the best talent in publishing to all authors, while using our proven processes and having our team execute the project so the author can focus on writing. (Almost all of the [publishing] talent we work with have multiple #1 bestsellers they have worked on and many years' experience at "Big 5" publishers.)

IBPA: What is an important part of publishing that tends to be overlooked by those new to the industry?

TM: Making a quality product. With the millions of books that are out there, publishers not only need to cater to readers, but create such a flawless book folks would forgo other activities to read it.

IBPA: Thank you for sharing your news with us!

Learn more about Izzard Ink here.

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