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Why Join IBPA?

IBPA membership helps strengthen the influence and reach of the independent publishing profession, giving a voice to your concerns across the nation. At the same time, IBPA provides you with opportunities to learn, network, market your books, and grow your business, thereby boosting your success and raising the overall profession of independent publishing to new heights.

According to IBPA's approved bylaws, IBPA supports two classes of voting membership known as Publisher Class and Publisher Partner Class. IBPA also supports a class of non-voting membership known as the Associate Class.

Voting Member Types

Publisher Class
  • 1-9 employees = $139 per year
  • 10-99 employees = $269 per year
  • 100+ employees = $469 per year

The Publisher Class consists of Independent Publishers and Author Publishers whose qualifications are as follows:

  • Independent Publisher: Persons or organizations involved in publishing other people’s work using a traditional, royalty-based publishing model and/or an author-subsidized publishing model. (An Independent Publisher might also publish their own work.) An Independent Publisher is defined as one not operated by a major publishing house (e.g. one of the “Big Five”) and its imprints.
  • Author Publisher (aka Self-Published Author): Persons who exclusively publish their own work, e.g., self-published author.
    IngramSpark Trial Membership (limited time only; promo code required): For first-time IBPA members only, this 3-month trial membership is available for a limited time to IngramSpark clients. A special promo code, available from IngramSpark, must be used during registration. The IBPA office does not have access to the IngramSpark promo code.

Publisher Partner Class
  • 1-9 employees = $209 per year
  • 10-99 employees = $489 per year
  • 100+ employees = $689 per year

The Publisher Partner Class consists of vendors whose qualifications are as follows:

  • Publisher Partner: Persons or organizations involved with supplying services or products to the field of independent publishing, including printers, book designers, consultants, booksellers, distributors, wholesalers, and other industry vendors.

A Publisher Partner membership includes a free listing in IBPA's Supplier & Services Discovery Database and the opportunity to apply to be an official IBPA Member Benefit Provider.

Non-Voting Member Types

Associate Class
  • $109 per year

The Associate Class consists of Future Publishers, Authors, and Publisher Friends whose qualifications are as follows:

  • Future Publisher: Persons or organizations considering or preparing to publish their own or other people’s work.
  • Author: Persons published by a traditional, royalty-based independent publishing company and/or an author-subsidized publishing company.
  • Publisher Friend: Persons not directly involved in publishing, but who support independent publishing.

Persons or organizations in the Associate Class may not serve on committees, may not vote, and may not serve on the Board. For avoidance of doubt, persons or organizations in the Associate Class are not members of the Corporation within the meaning of Corporations Code Section 5056. The Board reserves the right to add or remove types from this class.

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