Soho Press Tops Best-Sellers List, Big Publishers With $1.99 Title

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August 21, 2013


This article originally published August 20, 2013 on

By Jeremy Greenfield, Digital Book World

The Boy in the SuitcaseThe world of ebooks make it very easy for the little guy to compete with the big boys. In the world of ebooks, having a massive sales force that can reach every bookstore — big and small — doesn’t confer an advantage. The distribution playing field is leveled.

Hence, this week, we see an ebook from a small, independent publisher reaching the No. 1 spot. Soho Press’s The Boy in the Suitcase is atop the rankings, besting Hachette’s J.K. Rowling hit The Cuckoo’s Calling (No. 2) and Penguin Random House’s latest Lee Child title, High Heat: A Jack Reacher Short Story (No. 3)…..

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