IBPA Member Wind Ridge Books: Non-Profit Publishing House Paves The Way For Vermont Authors

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December 19, 2014


By Jane Lindholm and Sage Van Wing —

This article was originally posted on Vermont Public Radio

“The publishing world has changed dramatically since the introduction of the Gutenberg press. Companies like Amazon have shaken up the relationship between the reader and publisher, causing some in the publishing world to think it’s becoming a commodities market.

Wind Ridge Books, based in Shelburne, is looking to change that. They are a small, non-profit publishing house that publishes works of Vermont authors, such as the recent novel Shape of the Sky by Shelagh Shapiro. Lin Stone, managing editor at Wind Ridge Books, wants to return to the old, romantic world of publishing. “I think if you look at publishing the way that it has grown in recent years, with the giant online people from Amazon and that model … much of the work is un-edited, it’s pasted and put together in not a professional, lovely or engaging manner. So, it’s become a cheap commodities market in many ways. And that’s not who Vermonters are. That’s not our cup of tea, if you think about the localvore movements or the artisan food movements,” Stone says.”…

You can read the full article at Vermont Public Radio.

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