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“Your product represents you in every aspect. Be sure you have not overlooked every possibility before you leap!”

Why did you become a book publisher? As the founder and owner of Three Wishes Publishing Company I found it very difficult as an author to get published through the traditional publishing houses. Unsolicited manuscripts were not being accepted. There was no control over one's work, and illustrators had no contact or communication with the author.

What do you like best about publishing? Having the freedom to learn, develop, and accomplishing the ends to create a book that has integrity. Being able to be a part of every aspect has been very rewarding and fulfilling. It is not just about the money, it is the sense of pride.

What do you publish? Children's Picture Books.

What is the most effective form of marketing for your press? School visits, community events, libraries, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, online tools, social media. Getting out there physically and virtually and being with people.

How do you define a successful title? A successful title has longevity and relevance. It also maintains its appeal to the audience for which it was intended for despite current trends.

Tell us about one of your titles about which you are especially proud. I'm 5 is our latest title. Julie is turning "5" and ready for school, but school is NOT ready for her! Imagine that!?!? It has won 4 awards. We also have won awards for our previous titles - Circus Fever and On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!. This title seems to have a different audience not only because of its name, but it helps to connect with families and children on how we all learn that life events are not always as easy as they seem. We need to develop patience, communication, and understanding, even a at a very tender age of 5!

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving success? Depending what you define success as, of course, sales and increased revenue is at the top of our lists, especially due to the financial investments in self-publishing. However, success is when you make the connections to your audience and with the changes in technology it is difficult to find that balance and continue to increase sales. Maintaining your commitment to p-books and still develop e-books for the wired generation, which now crosses over the spectrum of age groups on to baby boomers for sure is a challenge.

What advice do you have for newcomers to book publishing? Read, read, read and read some more. Research, ask questions, get out to book stores, events, and personally speak to others. Realize the financial commitment to self-publishing. Be aware of hidden costs, scams, and most importantly poor quality in the end product. Your product represents you in every aspect. Be sure you have not overlooked every possibility before you leap!

How will you and your company be positioned in five years? Hopefully in five years we will have added at least two more titles to our current list and increased our market visibility and places for sales.

When you're not fully immersed in publishing, what do you do for fun? I love theatre, music, traveling, outdoors, spending time with my family and naturally reading!

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