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“I define a successful title as one that is well written and well edited with a compelling plot or a message to impart.”

Why did you become a book publisher? I have been in the publishing business for most of my life. I decided at age nine when my first article and photograph of a sunflower was published in a local paper to get into the "news" business. Many decades later, I'm doing freelance journalism, consulting, and have just published my third book. I hope to inspire many newbies to the industry.

What do you like best about publishing? I like the feel of holding a book in my hand. I acknowledge the advances of technology and applaud the e-book authors (I'm also one of them). However, as a professor, there is nothing like quoting from an author in a book. I also collect vintage copies.

What do you publish? Motivational, How-To, Fiction (both adult and children).

What is the most effective form of marketing for your press? The most effective forms of marketing for me are Facebook, LinkedIn, and social media, in general. However, I do enjoy the interviews that I've shared with reporters from radio shows as well as the book fairs, etc.

How do you define a successful title? I define a successful title as one that is well written and well edited with a compelling plot or a message to impart.

Tell us about one of your titles about which you are especially proud. I'm especially proud of Jamie is Autistic Learning in a Special Way because it was born out of the needs of my special students. I wrote and self-published this book because I wanted parents to know that all children learn in a different way. It has touched and changed the lives of many.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving success? My biggest challenge has been the naysayers who said that my topics have been done before and would not be read. Jamie is Autistic Learning in a Special Way is a much needed book to clear up the misconceptions about Autism. Go for it Leadership Handbook for All Students was inspired by my hero, Eleanor Roosevelt. It is an audio book listened to by young readers in the UK. Let it Go, Let it Flow Leadership, now on Amazon.com, has a wealth of information for all stages of leadership.

Why not lead and motivate? In this age of advanced technology, we need people to step up to the plate and say, "I will reply to people via the telephone, and I will let people know that I've received their messages and what they said mattered to me."

What advice do you have for newcomers to book publishing? -- To know the industry inside and out.
-- To be open to learning and being critiqued.
-- To read widely in all genres.
-- NEVER take no for an answer. Pursue your publishing dreams until they are realized.
-- RESPECT those who came before you.

How will you and your company be positioned in five years? I would like to be in every bookstore--print and digital--in the world. I'd like a staff of professionals--all levels--involved with my books. I want my books to benefit the future leaders of the world and to inspire them to greatness. I can see many of my books being made into feature films.

When you're not fully immersed in publishing, what do you do for fun? I have a passion for horseback riding. I love photography--exhibiting in museums and galleries. I travel to share knowledge with children in high needs countries. I like spending time with my husband who completes me.

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