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“Ask for help from people who’ve gone through the business before. ¬†Join a group like IBPA and make yourself a pest with questions. ¬†Write articles to get your thinking down on paper.”

Why did you become a book publisher? I wanted to interact with authors to find what they do best. My emphasis is in the "new" mobile publishing paradigm that has all the "big dogs" like Amazon and ScribID running for cover. Instead of the one price to "download as many eBooks as you want in fifty seconds" paradigm that profits the Amazons of the world, we at EMRE work in the mobile app development end of things to put the control in the hands of each author and his/her book. This is the next generation's book distribution system that has all the big dogs worried. Why not? They deserve to worry because of the way they treat their authors and--most especially--their readers. My motto at EMRE is "control content to produce quality." EMRE--where content is king!

What do you like best about publishing? Working with young genius developers like Dave Rhoderick, who has given my vision life. As an indie author, I also enjoy putting new authors out into the limelight of direct mobile marketing using the latest .epub3 technologies and delivery systems.

What do you publish? .epub3 titles with interaction, choose your own msytery/adventure series, POD packages, mobile distribution through PhoneGap mobile marketing

What is the most effective form of marketing for your press? Social marketing and working one-on-one with each author/publisher I represent. I'm the "big kahuna" who brainstorms with the author to come up with the ideas that will get noticed by readers.

How do you define a successful title? How to define a "successful title" is a loaded question. In brief, I believe if a title can reach the right audience it can become successful. I presuppose that the title has already been written and proofread by experts and that it can be marketed in an innovative way (like my mobile .epub3 eBooks). The writer no longer has to worry about whether or not his or her awesome book gets read by the right people. We make a success out of books because we work to get the best book possible into the right hands (iPhone, iPad, etc.) that readers are using today.

Tell us about one of your titles about which you are especially proud. Steam City Pirates has been developed into a multimedia eBook (.epub3). It's in the SciFi Steampunk genre, and it incorporates a music soundtrack (not forced on the reader the way Booktrack does it), original illustrations by a fantastic artist, Ari Bernabei, and appropriate online video games (for those readers who want a break from the left-brain exercise of reading). We include this title in our "Embellisher eReader" so visitors to the website can see the kind of quality work we do.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving success? Finding a way to walk the fine line between video games and novels. I believe the next generation of readers will want more from their reading experience in the way of interactive content, and it was my goal to give the reader both the intellectual pleasures of reading a quality story and the added interactive fun of getting involved inside that same story! If I can make this work, I honestly believe a new paradigm in reading experience will soon emerge out of the convergence of technologies.

What advice do you have for newcomers to book publishing? Ask for help from people who've gone through the business before. Join a group like IBPA and make yourself a pest with questions. Write articles to get your thinking down on paper. Above all, get the best technical people and give them their heads. Steve Jobs was successful because he knew how to "herd nerds" (for want of a more poetic term). Learn that skill, and the sky is the limit.

How will you and your company be positioned in five years? We hope to be one of new paradigm of mobile publishers who will replace the delivery systems of the Amazons of the world. Maybe they can still send drones to your house, but mobile reading and publishing will take over the publishing and delivery of eBooks because the author will be in control and the reader will be pleased. End of projection.

When you're not fully immersed in publishing, what do you do for fun? Oh, I write. That's what I was in the beginning, and that's what makes me the "authors' friend" in the end. I also enjoy going on walks with my lovely wife, Ellen, and being with my family. We were all together on Catalina Island a couple summers ago, and not only did we all have an awesome time, but I wrote a collection of ghost stories to boot!

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