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“We’re a relatively new publishing company, so we’re still building platforms to help our authors get discovered. Our priorities right now are getting reviews and word-of-mouth through social media.”

Why did you become a book publisher? The world could use a few more laughs these days. We began as a small clique of authors with work that ranges from the whimsical to outright farce. We created a boutique publishing company to offer a cross-genre collection of stories that includes mysteries, chick-lit, historical fiction and even memoirs. The recurring theme, and our motto is, we may change the world, but we'll help you escape yours with humor for a while.

What do you like best about publishing? Getting a review or other feedback from a reader that tells us we struck a nerve or tickled a funny bone. If we have entertained them in a way that made them smile, we have accomplished our mission.

What do you publish? Any genre that has a light, entertaining style from simply whimsical to laugh outloud funny

What is the most effective form of marketing for your press? We are a relatively new publishing company, so we are still building platforms to help our authors get discovered. Our priorities are getting reviews, and word-of-mouth through social media.

How do you define a successful title? It comes back to our mission: to entertain in a way that helps the reader escape with a smile. If we do it right, they will feel satisfied at the end of the story, but still wishing it didn't end there.

Tell us about one of your titles about which you are especially proud. The Patterer is a perfect example of one of our more outrageous (and successful) novels. It's official genre is historical fiction. But imagine a smart aleck street performer in 18th century London who delivers the news of the day on a street corner in a way that conjures up images of the theme song from Gilligan's Island, or paraphrases Casablanca, makes references to a trickle down economy and friends with benefits. Pop culture intertwines with historical fiction throughout the story. Sounds crazy but it works. And the book has received great reviews from Kirkus and others.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving success? With something like 200,000 books being published each year, cutting through the clutter and getting noticed is the biggest challenge. And it seems publishers both large and small are following the same advice from the same "experts" about leveraging social media to establish their platform, so we're in a crowded field, stuck in a traffic jam out there on the information highway.

What advice do you have for newcomers to book publishing? If you are with one of the big five traditional publishers, you will get editorial help but no marketing help. If you are with a small press, you may or may not get editorial help, but no marketing help. If you self-publish you get neither. So whichever route you take, if you want to be taken seriously (even if you write humor like our authors), you absolutely must have professional help with content editing and copy editing. Even if you have to spend the money out of your own pocket, good editing by someone other than the author or a friend of said author is critical.

How will you and your company be positioned in five years? I believe that there will be 10 times as many publishers out there than we have today. The technology is such that any author can become his or her own publishing company. The only thing that matters to the reader is the author's name and his or her reputation. They never consider the publishing company. So we hope to cultivate a small number of talented folks and help them build their following. They say it takes 5-6 years for an unknown author to establish a following that makes writing self-sustaining. We want to have one or two of those authors in our house by then.

When you're not fully immersed in publishing, what do you do for fun? I go to Las Vegas or Reno, play blackjack, count cards and get booted from the casino for being too good of a player.

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