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According to members, here are the top 5 reasons you should join IBPA:

1. Advice from your own personal publishing consultant

Got a problem or concern? Not sure where to go to get information? The IBPA staff is always available to answer any questions you have, and if they don’t know the answer, they will find it for you. Why pay $150 an hour for a consultant when you can find answers—for free—as an IBPA member?

2. Free subscription to IBPA’s Independent magazine

IBPA IndependentSell more books by using the hands-on tips you’ll find each month in your free subscription to IBPA’s Independent magazine.

Consistently voted the number one benefit of IBPA membership, IBPA’s monthly magazine is full of specific and practical advice by publishers for publishers. Plus, your access to the IBPA Independent archives provides more than 100 issues of publishing knowledge on topics that you need to know NOW. You’ll find: legal advice, business tips and advice, information on IBPA events, and more.

3. Cooperative marketing programs

Whether you publish 1 book or 100 (or more), IBPA’s cooperative marketing programs introduce your title(s) to librarians, bookstores, book reviewers, schools, and more target markets through professional print and electronic direct mailings and trade shows at a cost thousands of dollars less than what you would spend on your own.

4. Tailored educational programs

IBPA Publishing University OnlineIBPA has been educating publishers for more nearly 30 years. We know what you need to know to achieve and succeed. Attending IBPA’s in-person IBPA Publishing University and/or online IBPA Publishing University Online can take your career to another level. You’ll learn new skills and make strong key contacts.

5. $1,000s in savings

As an IBPA member you’ll receive discounts from IBPA partners on shipping, email newsletter creation, social media strategies, marketing, and promotion services. Check out the complete benefit list at


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