Independent Publishers (and More!): A Special Podcast

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October 28, 2013


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As the newly-appointed executive director for the Independent Book Publishers Association, Angela Bole sees an opportunity to grow the organization in the midst of dramatic change across the industry.

Angela-Bole“Recently, IBPA has really embraced the self-published author,” Bole, photo right, said. “It means a broadening of our potential membership.”

The nation’s largest independent book publishers trade association, IBPA is highly-regarded for its professional programming and member services. The organization’s longstanding constituency is publishers of less-than-large size. As Bole told CCC’s Chris Kenneally at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, however, the definition of “publisher” has been redrawn, and IBPA is changing with the times.

“With self-publishing, you still need to know all of the things that an independent publisher needs to know — from editorial straight through distribution,” Bole explains. “What is your pricing model? What are the channels that you push into? And what is your product about? These three things are true for independent publishers, just as they’re true for self-published authors.”

Download Podcast (8 minutes)

One response to “Independent Publishers (and More!): A Special Podcast”

  1. Al Canton says:

    Angela got it right. However, I think that IBPA and PMA before that was always a good home for the so-called self-published author.

    PMA always made it clear that the only difference between a self-published author and an independent publisher was scale. The basic knowledgebase was the same for each… but for the indie publisher with a list of 5 to 100 titles there needed to be more emphasis on distribution and efficiency of production and sales. For the self-published author it was all about marketing and publicity. Not much has changed with the new name of IBPA.

    One thing is certain. IBPA has an experienced and competent management team in Angela, Terry, and Lisa to provide meaningful services and accurate information to the membership in the future as it did in the recent past with Florrie Kichler. Indie publishers, author-publishers, self-publishers? It’s all about getting books sold and making the enterprise profitable. IBPA gets it!

    Alan N. Canton, Managing Partner
    NewMedia Website Design
    “Websites for authors, publishers, and small businesses at an affordable price”
    Fair Oaks, CA 916-962-9296

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