“Up Against Amazon” author Karen Christensen on the Beyond the Book Podcast
August 18, 2014

(NEWS) Copyright Clearance Center’s Christopher Kenneally recently sat down with Karen Christensen to discuss Christensen’s struggle with Amazon for CCC’s Beyond the Book podcast series. Christensen’s article about her experience with Amazon, “Up Against Amazon,” appeared... Read More

A Closer Look at IBPA Member Barbara J. Genovese, Writer and Master Crayon Maker

(BLOG POST) By Barbara J. Genovese – It’s been an arduous journey – to retrace the steps of the girl I was in my mother’s house, who, when she created art, was forced to walk it out to the trash. It’s been an odyssey of mythic proportions – to find the missing pieces that lit those original... Read More

Up Against Amazon
August 14, 2014

(BLOG POST) By Karen Christensen – [This piece appeared first in the Berkshire Publishing website/newsletter and was reprinted with permission in the August 2014 issue of IBPA's Independent magazine. Click here for more from IBPA's Independent.] Amazon doesn’t just take orders. It is used to... Read More

Amazon Wants Cheaper E-Books. But Should It Get to Enforce Prices?
August 5, 2014

(NEWS) This article was originally published on “In a short blog post meant to shed light on its contract dispute with the publisher Hachette, Amazon argued this week that its data proved that lower e-book prices were better for everyone in the market for books. That includes authors,... Read More

More Social, Less Media: Committing to Unplugging
August 4, 2014

(BLOG POST) By Terry Doherty – Do you remember where you were when you had your best idea ever? If I had to guess I would say that it wasn’t when you were staring at this screen. That’s true for me, anyway. Most of my think-outside-the-box, creative ideas and solutions come when I’m gardening. A... Read More

Some Thoughts from IBPA on the Ongoing Amazon/Hachette Situation
August 1, 2014

(NEWS/OPINION) On July 29, Amazon dropped a public post on its Kindle forum describing why it continues to battle with Hachette over eBook pricing. They want eBook prices set at $9.99 and a 30% cut of sales. As the largest trade association for indie publishers and self-published authors, IBPA has put... Read More

Hachette Purchase of Perseus Delayed
July 31, 2014

(NEWS) This article was originally published at “The Hachette Book Group/Ingram purchase of the Perseus Books Group will not be completed by July 31 as originally hoped. The new target date to close is by the end of August. There was no specific reason given for the delay,... Read More

IBPA Announces the Newest Benjamin Franklin Digital Award Honorees
July 22, 2014

(NEWS) IBPA is proud to announce the newest Benjamin Franklin Digital Award Honorees, promoting best-in-class digital content! The Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards (BFDAs), launched in 2013 by the Independent Book Publishers Association, honor innovation in electronic publishing by individuals and... Read More

Unlimited Subscriptions: Five Things You Need to Know
July 21, 2014

(NEWS) This article was originally published at BookBusiness. “One of the worst kept secrets in recent history was finally unveiled last Friday when Amazon announced their Kindle Unlimited. It has the potential to become yet another terrific service for consumers but many publishers and authors... Read More

How to Spot a Phony Book Reviewer

(BLOG POST) By James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review – I’ve been a practicing book reviewer and a keenly interested observer of the publishing industry since the fall of 1976. My more than 30 years as a reviewer, monthly book review newsletter editor, radio and television producer... Read More

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