Distribution: IPG Signs 19 New Pubs
September 30, 2014

(NEWS) This article was originally published on “Independent Publishers Group has added 19 new independent publishers to its client list, under IPG distribution, and its subsidiaries Trafalgar Square Publishing, River North Editions, and IPG Spanish Language distribution. IPG... Read More

Amazon Launching New Crowdsourced Publishing Program
September 24, 2014

(NEWS) This article was originally published on “After rumblings surfaced that Amazon is creating a new American Idol-style crowdsourced publishing platform, the e-tailer has confirmed that the program is “in the works.” The initial report about the program, from... Read More

Instagram vs. Pinterest
September 17, 2014

(BLOG POST) By Terry Doherty – Now that we know a little bit more about Instagram and Pinterest you’re probably wondering which one is the best for me? And do I need both? Before we get into the nitty gritty of these two photo-sharing social networks, I would like to offer one suggestion. Even... Read More

Scam Alerts: An Old Swindle Targets Editors
September 9, 2014

(BLOG POST) By Dave Bricker – A new variation on the Nigerian Dictator scam targets editors. Here’s how it works: A not-very-articulate per­son asked me to edit an arti­cle. He sent a ten-page ramble that contained no paragraph breaks. I explained that editing this rough work would be slow... Read More

Instagram: A Beginner’s Guide
September 4, 2014

(BLOG POST) By Terry Doherty – Definition(s): – A mobile social networking service for sharing images. – A product that lets users share pictures and videos (up to 15 seconds) on other social networking platforms. Instagram is a social-sharing platform that is installed like an App.... Read More

The Big Indie Books of Fall 2014
August 27, 2014

(NEWS) This article was originally published on and features IBPA Members Medallion Press and Santa Fe Writers Project. “Small and university presses have long been an integral part of the literary landscape. But as large houses—Random House and Penguin, Harper and Harlequin—continue... Read More

Singing the Social Media Blues: Choosing Platforms with Staying Power
August 26, 2014

(BLOG POST) By Terry Doherty – Have you ever fallen in love with a social media tool, only to discover that within a year the company that created it goes “poof”? For me, that platform was Springpad. It was the perfect blend of Evernote and Pinterest for writing notes, creating project boards,... Read More

Advanced Marketing Tactics for Indie Authors
August 25, 2014

(NEWS) This article was originally published on “Austen, Blake, Proust, Whitman, Woolf—the list of successful self-published authors is as old as traditional publishing itself. As long as there have been gatekeepers like agents, editors, and publishers, there have been... Read More

How to Get Started as an Author on Tumblr
August 20, 2014

(BLOG POST) by Rainy Schermerhorn, PR by the Book – Tumblr (often stylized “tumblr”) is a microblogging platform that’s essentially a mix between Pinterest and WordPress. While the site certainly allows for lengthy text posts, it’s substantially more media-heavy than its fellow blogging... Read More

Suchomel Returning to Legato Publishers Group
August 19, 2014

(NEWS) This article was originally published on “Almost two weeks after the planned acquisition of Perseus Books Group by Hachette and Ingram fell apart, Perseus CEO David Steinberger sent a letter to Legato Publishers Group’s 24 client-publishers informing them that Mark... Read More

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