NetGalley Book Review Program

The IBPA Member Benefit:

Through the NetGalley Book Review Program, IBPA members can share galleys electronically and securely with 215,000 reviewers, media professionals, booksellers, librarians, bloggers, and other contacts.

To participate in this program, all you have to do is provide your digital files to IBPA. This is especially helpful and convenient if you have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with the technological aspects of adding your own title to NetGalley. IBPA members save the expense of processing, shipping, and mailing galleys; IBPA does all the work!


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Required Materials
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Frequently Asked Questions


This program has two options:

1. Six-Month Title Listing = $349
— $50 off listing directly with NetGalley

2. Six-Month Listing, plus “IBPA Round-Up” Email = $499
— $100 off listing directly with NetGalley
— Best Value!

Six-Month Title Listing:

Includes the following benefits:

IBPA will:

Six-Month Title Listing, Plus “IBPA Round-Up” Email:

Includes all the benefits above, plus:



Upon receipt of registration, the title will be uploaded to NetGalley within one week, but often more quickly, and will remain available for 6 months. Once your title is set up online you will receive your title widget.



“I love NetGalley! Being a bookseller, this really helps me in recommending books to customers and knowing they’ll be happy with their purchase. NetGalley works wonderfully with my Nook Color as well so that makes it so convenient.”

— Rachael Shell Vance, via NetGalley Facebook Page


More Information:

The registration form can be found online here.


Required Materials:

*required information


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the program work?


IBPA members can choose one of two options:

1. A six-month title listing
2. A six-month title listing, plus “IBPA Round-Up” email

More details can be seen above.

Once you register, IBPA will send you an email requesting information about your title (ISBN, Title, Author, etc.). You will also provide either a PDF or EPUB file. IBPA will create your title page on NetGalley and will also make available, at your request, a report of readers who have downloaded your galley. If you choose Option 2, IBPA will include your title in one dedicated IBPA-branded email, targeted to NetGalley readers.

Q: How is my content protected from illegal copying?


NetGalley will automatically add DRM protection to your PDF or EPUB so your galley cannot be forwarded or copied.

B&N, Kobo, Sony: Using Adobe Digital Editions, readers will be able to view the galley on their computer or on any ACS4-supported device, including B&N’s Nook/NookColor, Kobo Reader, and Sony Reader.

Kindle: Your galley will also be available for viewing on the Kindle.  Those who read your galley on the Kindle must have entered their Kindle email address in their Profile, and add to their approved email sender list in their Amazon account. (Kindle email addresses are only available for Kindle device owners and apps on Apple devices.)

When a reader clicks the Kindle button for a title, the PDF or EPUB is emailed to their Kindle via Amazon’s Personal Document Delivery Service, and Amazon applies their proprietary DRM protection to the file and converts it to Kindle’s proprietary format (.azw or .mobi).

For more information about NetGalley’s security, see the NetGalley Device Guide.

Q: Can you explain how publishers and authors of different sizes can participate in NetGalley?


NetGalley offers two ways to participate:

For a single title listing on NetGalley, not entering through the IBPA program, there is a one-time listing fee of $399 for the listing only (as opposed to $349 via IBPA’s program) or $599 with the Round-up mailing (as opposed to $499 via IBPA’s program). See NetGalley’s website here for more details.

If you decide to get your own listing directly with NetGalley:

Getting your own listing directly with NetGalley is best for participants who are comfortable with technology and handling PDFs/EPUBs, as well as those participants with a strong marketing and publicity plan for their title.

If you decide to get your listing through the IBPA program:

Getting your listing through the IBPA program is best for participants who do not want to deal with setting up their title, and who are most interested in promoting their title through the email marketing promotion. Working with the IBPA is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way for small publishers to list their title on NetGalley.

For publishers with 10 or more titles per year, the subscription option allows you to add and archive titles throughout the one-year subscription period. This option is the most cost-effective if you publish on a regular/seasonal schedule. There is a discount of 10% for the first year of your NetGalley subscription for IBPA members. Please contact for more information.

Q: We are a self-publishing company. Are self-published titles accepted?


Yes, NetGalley definitely accepts titles that are self-published.

Q: Can a title be included on NetGalley even if it has already been “released”?


Yes, a title can be listed on NetGalley if it has already been released, although many traditional reviewers prefer to review pre-publication content or titles that have just been released. Your title will have the most success on NetGalley if you use the site to complement your overall marketing and publicity for your title. Please keep in mind, many other book professionals, like bookstore buyers and librarians, are subscribed to NetGalley.

Q: Are the titles added through the IBPA program sectioned off or otherwise distinguished from the other titles on that site?


NetGalley members who visit will be able to find IBPA members’ titles through a link to “IBPA Members’ Titles” on the Browse by Publisher page.

Q: How does NetGalley ensure users of their service are professional readers?


Your title(s) will be listed in the NetGalley catalog, so that NetGalley members can request a digital galley. The NetGalley member community is made up of “professional readers” (reviewers, bloggers, media, booksellers, librarians and educators). Before a NetGalley member can request a digital galley, they must first fill out a Profile/Bio about themselves—their organization, contact information, genre preferences, and a brief bio. IBPA will be able to view this Profile information at any time. We will initially approve all requests. Keep in mind that because there is security on the file itself, NetGalley members cannot share, copy, or distribute your content.

It is important to note that NetGalley does not prevent anyone from registering/requesting a title, since all publishers have different criteria for accepting or declining requests. The bio is intended to provide adequate information about the NetGalley member who is requesting the title. In addition to the information the member provides in their bio, NetGalley also adds “member stats” which aid in the approval/decline process.

Q: Is there an option that would allow me to make my galleys available in print?


NetGalley is primarily used as a digital galley service which can be read on all major reading devices, so the subscription does not include support or printing services for printed galleys.

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