Benefits for Growing Publishers

IBPA’s core mission is to educate and advocate for small independent publishers, with the goal of helping them grow. We are your resource and your partner, here to help you succeed.   If you are a member and would like to access the complete IBPA Member Benefits Handbook, please click here (you’ll need to login). The Handbook can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF.

These are benefits you might find useful:

Digital Publishing
Financial Services
Foreign Rights
Health Insurance
Legal Services
Mailing Services
Publishing Resources
Trade Shows


IBPA Dispute Resolution Program
A benefit of membership
Have a problem with a slow-(or no-) pay service provider? Is the quality of the goods you received unacceptable and you can’t get satisfaction? IBPA will step in and help.

IBPA Publishing Industry Advocacy
A benefit of membership
With a membership of thousands and more than 26 years experience working in the independent publishing community, IBPA has the influence, the knowledge and the contacts to be your voice in the industry, speaking out against unfair practices with your best interests the number one priority.


Ben Franklin Awards
Entry fee discounted for IBPA members
Named in honor of America’s most cherished publisher/printer, the Benjamin Franklin Awards™ recognizes excellence in independent publishing. Publications, grouped by genre are judged on editorial and design merit by top practitioners in each field.
The awards are presented to the best books in several categories and given to the winners during a gala awards ceremony just before the opening of Book Expo America. The Benjamin Franklin Awards are unique among book awards in that all entrants receive critique sheets from the judges with specific advice on how to improve their publications, as well as words of appreciation for the good work produced.


Lightning Source
IBPA Members Save up to 50%
IBPA publisher members qualify for a 50% discount ($37.50) on standard digital title set-up fee of $75 per title, and a 25% discount on scanned title set-up fee of $75 ($56.25) plus $.25/page (actual discount depends on number of pages).
IBPA members also receive increased volume discounts on their initial and reprint orders for new titles: 25-99 units ­ 10%, 100-249 ­ 20%, 249-499 ­ 25%, 500-999 ­ 30%, and 1000+ a 35% discount.

IBPA Members can save up to $1,000 annually

Papertrell is a cloud-based, feature rich, digital publishing platform that enables publishers to build, sustain, and grow a direct-to-consumer channel. With an integrated storefront and custom branded app, Papertrell gives your readers the best user experience. Whether you’re selling titles directly or wish to amplify your existing retail channels, Papertrell provides your marketing teams with the technology to compete in today’s digital landscape. With over 14 million recorded interactions, 130,000+ titles, and 50+ customers, Papertrell enables the world’s smartest publishing companies to get closer to their readers.


Lightning Source
IBPA Members Save up to 50%
IBPA publisher members qualify for a 50% discount ($37.50) on standard digital title set-up fee of $75 per title, and a 25% discount on scanned title set-up fee of $75 ($56.25) plus $.25/page (actual discount depends on number of pages).
IBPA members also receive increased volume discounts on their initial and reprint orders for new titles: 25-99 units ­ 10%, 100-249 ­ 20%, 249-499 ­ 25%, 500-999 ­ 30%, and 1000+ a 35% discount.

Quality Books
IBPA Members Save $105
IBPA Members receive $105 off any of Quality Books’ 3 co-op programs.
For more than 4 decades Quality Books Inc. has been dedicated to being the premier supplier of small press titles and special interest non-print resources to the library community.
They stock titles from nearly 1800 small and independent presses and are committed to bringing the voices of the vibrant small press community to a larger audience through libraries.


Small Press United
Free One-Year IBPA Membership If Accepted

Small Press United is a book distribution service created to meet the needs of small and start-up publishers. With dozens of sales representatives in the U.S. and Canada, SPU sells books to chain and independent bookstores, wholesalers, libraries, the gift and specialty markets, and online retailers.

Small Press United provides publishers with a suite of online publisher education tools. Materials include how-to guides for effective publicity campaigns, guidance on pitching techniques and setting up author tours, and a robust list of media contacts for soliciting reviews.

Small Press United also offers reporting services to help publishers keep track of crucial sales information for their titles. This information is updated daily and reflects book sales from all major booksellers and wholesalers.

A distribution agreement with SPU comes with a new or extended one-year membership to IBPA, a $129 value. For more information, see


Bowker’s Manuscript Submission Service
Free for IBPA Members
Bowker’s Manuscript Submission Service is a new online tool providing you with an efficient channel for reviewing unsolicited manuscripts.
There is no cost for publishers, and for IBPA members only Bowker has waived the requirement for a minimum number of titles in print to participate.
This new service allows publishers and/or acquisition editors access to clearly identify ideas they find most interesting and marketable. Each proposal includes subject category, topic, the writer’s background and publishing history, a book synopsis, and writing sample allowing you easy access for filtering and targeting relevant manuscripts to your publishing needs.


Ask the Experts Online
A benefit of membership
IBPA members can now “Ask the Experts Online” in the fields of Book Design, Publicity and Marketing, Publishing Law, Social Media, E-books, Amazon and more…
You have a question and you need an expert answer. IBPA’s “Ask the Experts Online” program will get that answer for you and, in the process, help other members as well.

Independent Magazine
A benefit of membership
Frequently cited as one of the best member benefits, Independent features selected articles about the book publishing industry, including: legal questions, marketing issues, IBPA events, business tips and advice, along with other important and/or interesting information.

Publishers Weekly Magazine
IBPA Members Save 33%
Publishers Weekly is offering all members of IBPA signing on for a new subscription a rate of $167.49. The basic price is $249.99. Truly a great value. And the value gets better. is the redesigned web-site featuring access to the following;
PW Reviews Database
PW Archives- going back over 8 years of feature stories and articles
Industry E-mail alerts as they happen
Coming soon a Job Search feature to help you fill or find a new position
Newsletters-PW Daily and PW Newsline available only to paid print subscribers

Publishing University Online
IBPA Members Save 20%
Publishing industry experts, many of whom have spoken at IBPA’s successful Publishing University, present dynamic webinars on subjects of special interest to both new and experienced publishers.
Through an Internet and telephone connection, the audience participates in 60-minute programs with interactive Q & A. Participants receive a PDF of notes from the seminar, follow-up opportunities with speakers, and access to three free replays of the program.


MetaComet® Systems – Royalty Tracking
IBPA Members Save 20% Off Setup Fees and 10% discount on monthly fees

Simplify your royalty management process, maximize your accuracy, minimize waste, and reduce the time you spend managing royalties by up to 80%.

MetaComet® will quickly get you up and running and experiencing the benefits:

Cut your costs and increase efficiency by automating tedious repetitive tasks.
Simplify your process through an easy-to-use, intuitive solution.
Flexible enough for any publisher.
Powerful enough to handle virtually any contract complexity.
Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems including accounting, AP and GL.
Present a professional image to your authors.
24/7/365 access to your data, from anywhere, using just a web browser.
No hidden fees or long-term contract commitments.

Small Business Advisors, Inc.
IBPA Members Save 10%
Small Business Advisors, Inc. (SBA) helps publishers, small businesses, associations and not-for-profits run more smoothly and grow their businesses smartly. Launched in 1974, by Joseph Gelb, CPA, attorney and self-published author, Small Business Advisors has been serving publishers since 1992 when they published Eric Gelb’s Personal Budget Planner and joined IBPA.
Small Business Advisors services:
Monthly bookkeeping including general ledger entry; bank reconciliations; bill payment; payroll; payroll taxes; and financial statement preparation;
Ask the Advisor custom Q&A consulting service;
Sales tax registration and sales tax returns;
Year-end Federal and state income tax returns; and
Business plan writing and critique/evaluation.

Transworld Systems A/R and Collections – Up to 40% off
IBPA Members Save up to 40%
Transworld Systems Commercial Division, formerly NCO Financial Systems, is a provider of commercial accounts receivable management and recovery services and a division of Transworld Systems. They have recovered in excess of $500 million for clients over the past 5 years. Transworld Systems is dedicated to helping clients improve cash flow and reduce enterprise-wide costs for business-to-business creditors.
As a IBPA member, Transworld Systems Commercial Division offers you a discounted contingency fee of 23% on all domestic collection accounts over $200.00, less than one year from the date of last sale and still in business. Accounts that are foreign, over one year old, or already out of business are worked at 38%. This is a substantial savings off of their standard rates of 33% and 50% respectively. Any accounts that are forwarded to their Legal Management Division for suit are handled at 40% plus court costs.


Foreign Rights Licensing Agreement
Free for IBPA Members
IBPA has prepared a form that is one example of a contract for licensing foreign and translation rights by a U.S. publisher to a foreign publisher when the U.S. publisher controls foreign and translation rights in a work. The form has several blanks for various key terms (including advance, royalty rate, first printing, term and territory) that will need to be negotiated by the parties, agreed upon, and filled in appropriately BEFORE signing. All blanks must be filled in or crossed out before signing. Although many of the terms and conditions in the sample contract are fairly standard, every contract is subject to negotiation. In any case, you should satisfy yourself that the contract is suitable for your purposes before using it. Please be aware that IBPA is not in a position to offer legal advice, and you should consult with a publishing attorney of your choice to make sure that the contract is suitable.

Frankfurt Book Fair
Opportunities available only to IBPA Members
This is the largest international book fair in the world. This will be IBPA’s 27th year at the Fair and we have a list of more than 600 international contacts with whom we meet and make contacts for you to license the rights to publish your titles throughout the world.
Many of our members have achieved great success through participation in this bookfair and can now boast Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian and French versions of their titles.


Hercules Shipping
IBPA Members Save 75%
Hercules Freight ships books from printers and fulfillment houses in the Midwest and the East Coast into the Southwest and West. As a longtime member of IBPA, they understand the needs of the small publisher.
They give publishers special rates on Accessorial Charges:
Call before delivery
Power lift gate
Residential delivery
You receive door to door service with one all inclusive bill.

Offering discounted shipping services with national carriers
Partnership saved IBPA members $91,158 last year, with one company one saving more than $15,000. This is an average savings of $212 per member using the program.

IBPA Members Save up to 31%* on Select FedEx® Services
Members who enroll in the IBPA Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip, receive significant savings on inbound and outbound small package shipments. FedEx offers reliability and convenience for your small package shipments, no matter the size or urgency. Whether you need delivery today, first thing tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, or in 2 or 3 days – even on Saturdays – FedEx has you covered.

• Save up to 31%* on select FedEx Express® services
• Save up to 20% on select FedEx Ground® services
• Save up to 10% on select FedEx Home Delivery® services

Visit to enroll in this valuable member benefit today.

* Includes a bonus 5% online processing discount. Full details available at

IBPA Members Save at least 70% on LTL Freight Shipping with UPS Freight®, YRC, Con-way Freight, and Others
The customized PartnerShip LTL freight management program gives IBPA members the advantage of a comprehensive LTL freight option for shipments over 200 lbs., including a full suite of individualized services, such as:

• Savings of at least 70% (discounts may increase based on volume) with the country’s most experienced and most reliable carriers, including UPS Freight, Con-way Freight, YRC Freight, and many regional carriers
• A dedicated PartnerShip representative for all your shipping needs
• Easy access to to compare rates, view transit times, track shipments, and pay invoices
• Consolidated, weekly invoices from PartnerShip, saving you administrative time usually spent auditing and paying invoices to multiple carriers directly.
• Maximum carrier liability coverage of $25/pound on every shipment is among the best in the industry
• Inbound Shipping Management tools to save you money on the shipments you receive from your suppliers

Visit for a free, no-obligation shipping analysis.

IBPA Members Receive Special Pricing on Tradeshow Shipments
Getting your booth materials to and from a tradeshow demands specialized, personal service and PartnerShip delivers – guaranteed. Count on the deep industry knowledge of our tradeshow experts to help you navigate the complex world of tradeshow shipping. When you use PartnerShip tradeshow services, you can count on:

• Peace-of-mind that you won’t be standing in an empty booth with our Tradeshow Assurance Guarantee™
• Guaranteed on-time delivery – or your money back
• Quick, no-obligation rate quotes
• Competitive pricing with national carriers

Get a free quote on your next tradeshow shipment at


Worldwide Insurance Services
Easy Access to Health Insurance for IBPA Members
IBPA has selected WorldWide Insurance Services, Inc. (WWINS) as the administrator of the IBPA endorsed Health Insurance Program. WWINS is committed to providing IBPA members with a high level of professional service for all of their health insurance needs. Since no single plan is right for everyone, the IBPA Health Insurance Plan provides the flexibility all IBPA members demand. Members are matched with the best managed care networks available in their areas. Also, your medical plan can be expanded to include other popular coverages such as dental, long and short term disability income, vision and life insurance. These coverages are available to groups of all sizes.


Dispute Resolution Program
Free for IBPA Members
The Dispute-Resolution Program (DRP) is a benefit for IBPA members. This program is designed to assist members who are in trade disputes with printers, distributors, vendors, and others in the book-publishing industry, and who have make a good-faith effort to resolve the dispute. The program’s aim is to resolve problems faster, and less expensively than a civil litigation. Its secondary goal is to educate members through resolution and common problems.
If you find yourself party to a dispute, consider seriously the IBPA Dispute Resolution Program, rather than going directly to court, or worse, dropping the complaint. Hopefully, some stage of this process will result in a mutually satisfactory resolution of your problem.

Publishers Liability Insurance
Easy Access to Liability Insurance for IBPA Members
Any time you publish a book(s), newspaper, magazine, e-zine, trade, directory, product or user’s guide, music, greeting cards & calendars, electronic (Internet publishing), print-on-demand, or CD you become a potential target for a lawsuit; often a staggeringly expensive one. Defamation, libel, invasion of privacy, plagiarism, providing defective advice or committing copyright/trademark infringement all have the potential of causing lawsuits and their associated costly expenses.

Any publisher of any size, type or kind, self publisher, POD publisher, one title publisher, vanity or subsidy publisher wishing to know or consider purchasing publishers errors and omission liability policy, may go to, answer a few typical application questions and receive a competitive media perils liability insurance proposal; the acquisition of which will allay those fears of exorbitant legal fees and damages.


West Coast Mailers
IBPA Members Save 20%
Efficient and timely mailing programs are accomplished with the experience and modern mailing equipment at West Coast Mailers. With over 200 unique postal rates for all classes of mail, West Coast Mailers offers substantial postal savings when mailing data is furnished electronically. Put your project in our capable hands and stop worrying. For more than 50 years WCM has specialized in prompt and personal service. Our dedicated staff will insure that your project is done on time and on budget.


ABA, Advanced Access (Book review program)
IBPA Members Save 50%
Each month, ABA emails over 1,000 independent booksellers with news of galleys, reading copies or finished books that publishers are offering for review. After receiving a free review copy from you, stores will read and decide whether to carry the title. They make no promises, but the Advance Access program has proved to be a very effective way to get the word out about titles. Stores will email you directly, and generally, you can expect requests from 25-50 booksellers.

Beyond the Book
IBPA Members Save up to $500
Beyond the Book, the premiere podcasting program on the book industry, and a division of the Copyright Clearance Center, is making a unique offer to IBPA members ­ professional podcast production and distribution. This offer is not available outside of IBPA membership.

Catalog Mailings
Opportunities available only to IBPA Members
IBPA marketing programs get results. Cooperative mailings, staffed exhibits, and catalog mailings allow you to benefit from IBPA’s experience, reputation and positive image while sharing costs with other publishers. These programs have been proven and refined over the years. They’ll help your sales grow efficiently and cost effectively.
IBPA helps you sell your titles with full color mailings to librarians, reviewers and booksellers. Reach buyers and decision makers with an exciting, professional and attractive promotion. These effective sales tools are very reasonably priced and offer great value to marketing programs of any size.

Constant Contact
IBPA Members Save 10-15%
Constant Contact’s leading email marketing and online survey tools—supported by its expert personal coaching and support—help all types of small businesses and organizations create professional-looking email newsletters and insightful online surveys and begin a dialogue with their customers.
This discount entitles you to 20% off for prepaying 6 months in advance or 25% off for prepaying 1 year in advance. That’s an additional 10% off standard Constant Contact discounting!

IBPA Cooperative Book Marketing
Available only to IBPA Members
The affordable IBPA marketing programs have been designed to assist the publisher obtain visibility, recognition and sales for books, audiobooks and e-books. All programs are cost-shared to ensure minimum dollars spent for maximum exposure. There are five major areas in which IBPA currently markets: Exhibits, Libraries, Direct Mail Catalogs, Cooperative Advertising, and On-line.

IBPA Trade Show Exhibits
Available only to IBPA Members
Booth space at major book trade shows and/or options to purchase multiple, full or shared booth space within the IBPA complex or show your titles within the IBPA cooperative booths IBPA arranges for booth space at major book trade shows. IBPA member publishers may either opt to purchase multiple, full or shared booth space within the IBPA complex or show their titles within the IBPA cooperative booths. IBPA titles are displayed in a face-out, genre-specific area. The focus of the national shows is to give visibility to titles to trade buyers, to solicit orders for the titles, and to discuss titles with potential buyers. The focus of international shows is to sell foreign rights.

NetGalley Marketing Program
Save $50

Reach 310,000+ reviewers on NetGalley with IBPA’s NetGalley Marketing Program.

With NetGalley, IBPA members can share galleys electronically, securely and instantly with reviewers, media, booksellers, librarians, bloggers and other contacts—you save the expense of processing, shipping and mailing galleys and IBPA does all the work!

IBPA has partnered with NetGalley to bring efficient, effective AND affordable galley distribution to IBPA members. For one flat fee, your title will be available to NetGalley reviewers in an online IBPA catalog for 6 months.

IBPA’s NetGalley Marketing Program descriptions.

PR By the Book
IBPA Members Save 5% off 4+ month publicity retainer
PR by the Book specializes in taking your story to the media, and getting readers buzzing. They are a full-service publicity firm with a seven +-year history, helping bridge the gap between books and media. From start to finish, they help turn books and literary talent into news, utilizing both traditional and social media. Their publicity campaigns are available both long-term (6+ months) and short-term (2-4 months), and in addition to media outreach, they offer media training, publicity consulting services, social media set up and maintenance, book tour scheduling and speaking engagement outreach.

PR Newswire
IBPA Members Save $195
With so many companies and so many stories, the challenge for small to mid-sized businesses is to simply get your company noticed. One of the most effective ways to gain visibility is to implement a targeted public relations program, which includes news release distribution.
Receive special free and discounted services valued at more than $2,000 when you become a PR Newswire member. These benefits include:
* Waiver of first year PR Newswire membership fee (value of $195)
* FREE MediaAtlas™ Microlist with first domestic news distribution (value up to $525)
* Discounts on eWatch™ Web Pubs (up to 50% OFF)
* Discounts on ProfNet (50% OFF)
* Discount on NewsCom Photo Archival (50% OFF)
* Discount on Basic Multimedia New Release (25% OFF)

Publishers Weekly PW Select Supplement
IBPA Members Save $30
PW Select is a monthly Publishers Weekly supplement that presents self-published books to PW’s trade audience. Fore each title, the supplement includes author, title, subtitle, price, pagination and format, ISBN, a brief description, and ordering information.

Publishers Weekly Trade Advertising
IBPA Members Save 50%
Advertising is offered to IBPA members at a substantial discount off rate-card rates in all issues. Ads are offered under the following conditions:
Ads must include IBPA logo (may be waived by IBPA)
Rates are only offered to small publisher members as defined by IBPA.
Advertiser is responsible for properly formatted materials
Ads are ordered and payment made through Terry Nathan (310-546-1818).
Group Advertising – IBPA will sell fractional and full page ads in a collective ad under the IBPA banner in the Spring and Fall Announcement issues and in a cover issues during March (Small Press month) of Publishers Weekly.
Publisher will send the cover image and book descriptions to IBPA who will prepare the ad. Order ads, pay for them and send materials to Terry Nathan (310-546-1818).


IBPA E-Newsletter
Available only to IBPA Members
Free e-newsletter filled with member news, photos, and industry tips.
Visit the newsletter archive

IBPA Forums
Available only to IBPA Members
IBPA has a forum area on its website where members can discuss publishing, ask for feedback, referrals, and advice, and network.

Regional Affiliate Organizations
IBPA members with affiliate membership can apply for Publishing University Scholarships
IBPA is affiliated with many regional and specialty associations, and works with and through these groups to strengthen the publishing industry. Many publishers find that networking within these groups contributes to their success. Publishers are encouraged to join their regional associations. Access to IBPA Publishing University Scholarship Program for IBPA members only.


FedEx Office
IBPA Members Save 20%
FedEx Office is now part of the IBPA Discount Shipping Program! Now you can save on all of your printing, copying and finishing services with FedEx Office — provider of document solutions and business services!
If you are already enrolled in the IBPA Discount Shipping Program, you are automatically enrolled in the FedEx Office portion of the program too.
The FedEx Office discounts include 20% off all color and black/white printing and copies, and 10% off signs, graphics, and finishing services.



Copyright Clearance Center
Free for IBPA Members
In 2008, Copyright Clearance Center helped publishers and authors realize more than $120 million worth of royalties from the making of re-use copies in academic, corporate and research environments. Now more than ever, leveraging the Internet needs to be a core strategy for publishers when it comes to earning fees from such re-uses.
CCC’s online services for publishers currently include:
RightsConnect ­ linking directly from a publishers’ Web site to their works’ listed within CCC’s own online catalog; Grant Permission Online ­ allowing rightsholders to approve special permission requests online; and Pay-per-use permission services, including Rightslink, that provide instant permission to use and share content on an as-need basis.
As an IBPA member, you can authorize your titles free-of-charge in all of Copyright Clearance Center’s programs.

IBPA’s Human Touch
A benefit of membership
Since 1983, IBPA’s mission has been to help publishers achieve and succeed. In this day and age of voice mail, email and faceless electronic communication, if you call the IBPA office, you will get a real live person who will either answer your question or find the answer for you. If the office is closed or lines all busy and you get voice mail, you will get a call back by the end of the business day. We promise.

Nielsen BookScan
Offer available only to IBPA Members
IBPA now has an agreement with Nielsen BookScan that will allow IBPA members to obtain access to their site at a special IBPA member rate of $1,019.73 for one year access (slight annual increases may apply). Program limited to members with annual revenues of $3.5 million or less.


American Library Association Conference (ALA)
Opportunities available only to IBPA Members
This annual ALA show attracts all types of librarians…from the public, private and school sector across the country and throughout the world. IBPA has a small block of booths reserved for this show, and if you would prefer to have a full booth or share a booth with another IBPA member, now is the time you should sign up for this event.
If you would prefer to display your title or titles within the IBPA complex, where titles are displayed face-out in specific genre and a special catalog developed for this show for the librarians.
It’s always a good idea to attend a book show if you can and IBPA can arrange for badges for those who request them in advance of the show. There will also be an opportunity to do a book signing or demonstration at this show.

Book Expo America (BEA)
Opportunities available only to IBPA Members
IBPA has again secured a good location on the show floor. If you would like to make reservations for multiple booths, a full booth, or a shared booth within the IBPA Complex of booths on the floor. If you want to get your title in front of bookstore buyers, a select library crowd, radio and television show producers, magazine editors, catalogers and other premium buyers, AND a select grouping of foreign rights licensing agents, this is the show where you should display your book.
If you are interested in having your individual title(s) displayed at the IBPA booth and represented by IBPA staff, you can sign up at this time. We will need one copy of your title for this show.
As always, if possible, it’s a good idea to attend the shows at which your title is displayed. IBPA can secure a discounted or FREE ticket to this show if you decide to attend. That information will be sent with your title registration.

Frankfurt Book Fair
Opportunities available only to IBPA Members
This is the largest international book fair in the world. This will be IBPA’s 27th year at the Fair and we have a list of more than 600 international contacts with whom we meet and make contacts for you to license the rights to publish your titles throughout the world.
Many of our members have achieved great success through participation in this bookfair and can now boast Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian and French versions of their titles.

We hope you will find this list of benefits useful, but as with any supplier or service, we recommend that you contact the company directly to make sure they fit your specific business needs. If there is a benefit for independent publishers and self-published authors that you’d like to see listed here, please contact