You’re On the Air and It’s Show Time!

March 2008
by Linda Beattie Inlow and Robin Bartlett

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You’re On the Air and It’s Show Time!

by Linda Beattie Inlow and Robin Bartlett

Among the 44 new classes you’ll encounter at this year’s Publishing University are two creative productions—You’re On the Air and It’s Show Time!—by Brian Jud of Book Marketing Works, LLC, and Judy Jernudd of Startegic, a media coaching firm in Los Angeles.

You’re On the Air, which aims to be a complete mini-media-training class for radio and TV interviews, will present practical tactics for selling more books, including simple memory techniques you can use if your mind goes blank when you’re facing the white-hot spotlight, and ways to respond in sound bites and adjust your responses to allotted times.

Here are three of the many tips You’re on the Air will provide for attendees:

Get the audience involved in your discussion, and people will be more likely to call you. Do that by offering a prize (your book) to the first caller who answers your question correctly. This technique also gets your book’s title mentioned more frequently without you being pushy.

Remember that the audience is se…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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