You’re On!: Handling Television Appearances Effectively

March 1998
by Katherine Brandenburg, Avalon Marketing & Communic

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Fabulous! You’re booked for your first television appearance. You are excited, and more than a little nervous. Other than being personally gratifying, television is extremely effective in promoting a book, provided the author motivates the audience to actually seek out and purchase their book.

Pre-Show Preparations

Familiarize yourself with the show by watching it. Know the host’s name, the format, their manner of interviewing, and what is expected of you. Make sure you know the name of the producer who booked you and the right contact phone number for the show in case of an emergency.Know about the show’s audience, i.e., who listens to or watches the show. You’ll want to target your answers to their interests.Rehearse answering all possible questions that may be asked of you, not just the ones on your tip sheet, but any the interviewer is likely to ask. Keep up on current events that tie in to your book’s subject to build interest and give your book timeliness.Work on a definition of what your book is about and boil it down to a single brief sentence you can say quickly for short television or radio interviews.Know in advance the major points you want to make about your book and the messages you want to get across. Practice saying them in short phrases you can slip into the conversation. For example, you can subtly answer a question with: “In my book . . .” or “That’s what (name of book) is all about . . .”For call-in shows, arrangeIBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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