Worried about Sending Your Book to a Overseas Printer?

May 1999
by Lori Comtois, president and founder of PrintNet

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If you’re thinking of publishing four-color books, you’ll quickly learn that manufacturing them overseas is the most cost effective approach. But perhaps you don’t want to go overseas, because you’re nervous about pirating, quality control, or overall loss of control. Think again.Weighing the Cost FactorIn the ultra-competitive world of publishing, you need to make cost-effective choices to increase your profitability. Costs for printing two- or four-color books are considerably higher than for one-color, so your margins will be tighter, making it even more important to buy as smart as possible. The cost savings of overseas printing can mean the difference between your project’s financial success or failure.Manufacturing your four-color titles overseas is a reliable option that delivers high quality. You can expect a 20-40% savings over the US. Sometimes you just don’t have an option but to work globally.A Popular Option for Four-Color WorkAt least 90% of the four-color books published in this country are manufactured overseas. A quick stop at your local bookstore will verify that for you. Publishers all over the country, from the largest houses to the self-publisher, have been printing four-color books overseas for more than 20 years, precisely because they can control the process. They can import the finest quality product available, at profitable prices.How to Avoid Potential ProblemsNo doubt publishers have bad experiences going overseas, just as publ…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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