Wondering What to Write About? What to Publish? Still Plenty of Great Ideas Out There

December 2001
by Robin Quinn, Quinn's Word for Word

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In troubled times, it’s easy to become discouraged about writing or publishing books. Who’s going to buy or read this anyway, you might think. However, I see this as a time when readers need your ideas more than ever. While it might be harder to determine what people are going to want to read, there is more of a need to find comfort, solutions and, yes, perhaps a little distraction in books. To this line of thinking, add the fact that buying a book is different than purchasing a new home or a new car; the monetary investment is much smaller but the rewards can be quite rich. Thus I believe that though sales may not be quite as strong, people are still going to buy books.

What will be important are the ideas that you choose. Basically, your options are either an idea that will speak wisely to the times no matter what the future brings, or a topic of constant interest.

Having ideas shouldn’t be a problem if you’re in the editorial end of publishing–either deciding what will be published or selecting what you are going to write about. Probably you’re an idea person. I know ideas are what keep me excited about publishing. Being on the cutting-edge of thinking. Learning new things. Opening my awareness to new ways of seeing life, relationships, and challenges. But just in case your thinking needs a jumpstart, here are 10 possible springboards for new book ideas:

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