Windows Vista: What to Do?

April 2007
by Reid Goldsborough

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Personal Computing By Reid Goldsborough



Windows Vista: What to Do?


by Reid Goldsborough


A personal computer’s
operating system is its brains. It tells your programs how to interact with
your hardware, transmitting your intentions into words, calculations, photos,
or any of the other tasks PCs handle.


Whenever an operating system is
upgraded, it’s big news. The release of Windows Vista, the newest version of
the world’s most popular personal computer operating system, is huge. It forces
you to make a decision. Should you switch?


The short answer for most is,
Watch and wait. If you already knew this, you can stop reading now. If you’re
curious about some of the ins and outs, read on.


I’ve read everything I can about
Microsoft’s latest and greatest, talked to some key people, and run Vista on
one of the machines here.


Magazine, the leading monthly
computer magazine, is gung-ho, as you might expect. Geeks love new tools. The
magazine staffers installed Vista onto about five dozen computers and put it
through hundreds of hours of testing, Jeremy Kaplan, the magazine’s executive
editor, told me in a phone int…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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