Why You Need RSS PDQ

July 2007
by Paul Gillin

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Why You Need RSS PDQ


by Paul Gillin


RSS is the best technology
you’re probably not using. Don’t feel ashamed: fewer than 30 percent of
Internet denizens use RSS. It’s an extremely powerful but somewhat clumsy
technology that is central to the blogging movement.


Basically, RSS is a personal
newswire service. People who create content can use RSS to notify their worlds
automatically when they have added information to their blogs or sites. If you
publish something to a standard Web site, you may have to wait days or even
weeks for a search engine to come by and index it. RSS goes out and tells the
search engines, “Hey, there’s something new here. Come look right now.”


But that’s not all. When a site is
updated, the RSS reader grabs the latest content and delivers it to
subscribers. That content can be displayed in an email message, a Web page, a
specialized reader, or any one of a number of other formats. RSS feeds can even
be delivered via messages to a cell phone.


Subscribers get RSS feeds by
plugging the feed URL into a specialized Web service or software program. The
subscription process has historically been somewhat convoluted, but new
services like Bloglines and the Google toolbar are relatively e…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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