Why We Keep Coming Back

May 2008
by Robin Bartlett

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Why We Keep Coming Back

by Robin Bartlett, with a little help from the Track Leaders for the 2008 Publishing University

Every year the Publishing University program becomes more robust. When I took over planning for it 15 years ago, it was a small, localized two-day program with 45 courses and about as many speakers. Today, it is internationally recognized, and it features three full days of programming, with 85 courses in eight tracks, four keynote speakers, early-bird sessions, and the Benjamin Franklin Awards ceremony. The organizational job has grown considerably and now requires the volunteer efforts of eight Track Leaders, 60 volunteer course organizers, and 170 volunteer speakers.

Year after year, the Publishing University planning team conducts member surveys, holds brainstorming meetings, contacts hundreds of volunteers, zaps out tons of email, makes programming changes, and looks forward to yet another Publishing University experience.

Why do we keep coming back and working for Publishing University? That’s the question I posed to this year’s Publishing University Track Leaders. Responses from them offer interesting insights into the program and help explain why it is such an exceptional learning event for…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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