Why I Believe in “Gifting” Books to the World

May 2005
by Steve Viglione

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I don’t know who coined the term gifting, but I can tell you that gifting books is transforming the world.

Eight years ago, I published my first children’s book because I had realized that my career was not my soul’s purpose or passion, even though I liked it. The energy and excitement behind the sales of the book drove me to rethink my career path and keep writing books. With love, passion, and joy in my heart, I gave copies to children and parents all over the country. I saw them beam with energy when receiving this gift. Many people told me they had never met an author before, let alone been given an autographed book by one.

As time went on, I got so much joy from meeting parents and children and gifting them with books that I decided to start a nonprofit company to help other authors also give their books away to the world. One of my best friends, Susan Shapiro, saw this vision with me and became the founding donor for the organization. I am forever grateful to Susan for seeing who I was and believing in me by helping me put the foundation together.

Since the day I gifted my first children’s book, the I AM Foundation, a 501c3 educational nonprofit, has distributed over 275,000 books and products to the world. We continuously receive books from authors and publishers and music from talented artists. In fact, we receive a million dollars’ worth of product a year, on the average, and give the same amount away–all kinds of books from al…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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