Why Do You Publish?

February 1999
by Jan Nathan

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The other day a reporter called our office and asked me, “Why have so many people decided to publish lately?” Well, I had some answers that I immediately quoted, such as, “They’re entrepreneurs…. They want immediate action…. They have information that they want presented in a specific way.” But I began thinking about the variety of people who do enter this arena, and decided to ask the question directly of them via the PMA-L listserv. (If you are not currently a member of this Internet chat group, I encourage you to visit the PMA homepage and go into the Programs area, where you will be prompted on how to join into this wonderful publishing support group.) I had already written my column for February before asking this question, but based on many of these responses, my original column paled. So I scrapped the column and hope you all learn as much as I did from the comments from our PMA-L participants:

I don’t think I’m going to offer any big surprises here…. In a nutshell, we self-published because we: Get to keep all the profits.Don’t have to answer to anyone for the same amount of (marketing) effort!

Very simply, after I had written Handbook to a Happier Life, I decided that I could handle the book failing if nobody wanted to buy it or if the public hated it, but would not let it die just because someone at a publisher in NY did not want to publish it. I’ve been to NY. :-) P.S. I have a…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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