Why and How to Start Blogging Now

June 2007
by Paul Gillin

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Chapter 6

Why and How to Start Blogging


by Paul Gillin


Deciding whether to join the
blogosphere is relatively simple for small companies. If you?re passionate
about your work and can communicate, then you should be using this channel.
Blog about your market, your employees, your opinions, your craft, your ideas,
your causes, your travels, your customers, or whatever moves you. Launch a
monthly podcast to help your customers or your business partners work with you
better. Use it to transfer some of the years of knowledge you?ve accumulated to
the next generation. Put a microphone in front of customers and ask them about
their work. It doesn?t really matter. Just do it.


Social media are well tuned to
smaller businesses for many reasons, including:


all about search. Google and its
competitors are the best thing that ever happened to small business. Companies
that can?t afford to advertise can achieve international visibility in vertical
disciplines through search performance. Blogs do exceptionally well on Google
because of the search engine?s fondness for frequent updates and relevant page
titles. A focused blog, podcast, or videocast that stakes out an unclaimed
niche in the market can come to dominate search results in a short time. The
more you write, the faster yo…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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