Why and How to Hire a Publicist

August 2005
by Jo-Ann Power

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Hiring a publicist has many
similarities to finding the love of your life. The journey is often filled with
ecstasy and agony, and whatever the outcome, the trip is one big learning

The first step is to decide if you
really need your own publicist. Yes, a publicist, unlike anyone else you work
with in this industry, is yours. A publicist has only one
boss—you—although publicists obviously have to work well and play
nice with all sorts of folks, including editors and marketing people in-house
and all those media people out there in the wide world.

To get a quick feel for whether
you need a publicist, answer the following questions Yes or No. Do not debate
any inner meanings or ramifications; answer instinctively.

·      Do I know what public relations
really consists of?

·      Do I work well with all members of
my team, asking them without fear what I am entitled to or could have?

·      Do I know about all significant
promotional opportunities?

·      Do I enjoy doing all my own
publicity, promotion, and scheduling?

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