When You’re Being Pitched: Guidelines for Assessing Vendors’ Offers

December 2010
by Linda Carlson

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When You’re Being Pitched: Guidelines for Assessing Vendors’ Offers

by Linda Carlson

“You made me promises, promises . . . ” goes an old song Burt Bacharach made famous, and it’s how I often feel when I read promotional material from industry vendors.

For the health of your bottom line, it’s vital that you determine three things before you hire a consultant, enter a contest or awards program, or buy advertising space or direct marketing services:

• exactly what you are buying

• what you can realistically expect to receive

• how what you receive will translate into book sales

Drilling down a little further, you also want to know whether it’s likely that:

• a message from you to the potential customer will be read or heard

• action will follow receipt of your message

• action taken will benefit you

And you want to understand the value of any intangible benefits.

Here are several areas to explore.


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