When You Are Both Publisher and Author: Thoughts on Switching Hats

November 2009
by Pamela Waterman

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When You Are Both Publisher and Author: Thoughts on Switching Hats

by Pamela Waterman

Are you one of the many authors who are self-publishing, or thinking about doing that? Publishing your own books can be rewarding in many ways, but your progress as a publisher will be smoother if you recognize at the outset—and often remind yourself—that authors and publishers have very different jobs to do. Being a successful publisher requires a lot more than creating a good (or even great) book and producing it in print and/or in one more electronic forms.

Let’s get specific by looking at typical activities for your publisher side and your writer side.

While Wearing the Publisher Hat

For one title or several, a publisher must:

• get the manuscript edited

• get the manuscript copy edited

• provide an index for nonfiction

• get an ISBN, a barcode, and other standard industry identifiers

• seek endorsements

• create sales information materials

• write press releases and other promotional materials

• target people who should get these materials and send them out

• get a cover desi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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