When Blogging Gets Heated

November 2007
by Reid Goldsborough

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When Blogging Gets Heated

by Reid Goldsborough

Emotional arguments punctuated with name-calling, insults, and other abuse have always been a part of online communication. From the days when computer bulletin-board systems run by hobbyists ruled the online roost, people have shouted at and down each other using their computer keyboards.

The same applies today to the blogosphere, the worldwide network of Web logs where people let their hair down and often invite others to comment on the color of their roots. The comments aren’t always flattering. One snide thing leads to another, and before long the nastiness spills off the screen like a bar fight into the street.

Tim O’Reilly, tech book publisher and conference promoter extraordinaire, has stepped knee-deep into this muck with suggestions and an invitation to everyone to add to, or even change, his Blogger’s Code of Conduct (blogging.wikia.com/wiki/Blogging_Wikia).

The suggestions are mostly good, commonsensical advice that you’d expect in a colloquy from one level-headed person to another, brimming with homilies about responsibility and mutual respect. But one downside to the upside of cyberspace is that there’s typically no pressin…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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