When an Author’s Ready to Talk, Here’s How to Get Shows Listening

December 1996
by Robin Quinn

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The environment of radio and television talk shows is fast-paced, and
competition for appearances intense. How can authors and publishers seize the
attention of production staff responsible for booking guests? During a
lunchtime presentation at PMA’s October Mini Publishing University in Los
Angeles, associate producer John Downey III of NBC’s Leeza show and publisher
Stephen Hall of Radio-TV Interview Reports turned the spotlight on the
answers to that important question.Who’s Right for Talk Shows?

Hall cautioned that not every book is appropriate for promotion through radio
and television talk shows. Some books, such as those preparing students to
take professional licensing exams, are too narrowly focused. “You want a more
general topic,” said Hall whose magazine promotes authors to radio and TV.”You want something that affects a much larger range of people.” According to
Hall, “naturals for the media” include timely topics, politics, sports,
controversy, sex, relationships, self-help, health, entertainment, pop
culture, finance and local subjects.

And, of course, not every author is right for the talk show circuit either.”You have to think about how good the author will be on the air,” Hall said.
Some authors can improve their skills through sessions with a media coach, he
added.What’s Your Topic?

If your book is right for talk shows, the best topic for the author may not
be the one that comes immediately to mind. “The question to ask yourself is
what can the auth…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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