What’s Next for Digital Asset Distribution: An Introduction to DADs

July 2007
by Mike Shatzkin

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Success in a Parallel Universe: Perhaps with Some Help from Your DAD

What’s Next for Digital Asset
Distribution: An Introduction to DADs


by Mike Shatzkin


Digital asset distribution
was on hardly any radar screens a year ago. Now it is clear that distributing
content on the Web promotes sales—and equally clear that maintaining a digital
infrastructure is expensive. The bandwidth and server demands for sending files
to printers for a year’s worth of books are quite different than the demands
for sending many thousands, or tens of thousands, or even more, files to
individuals in a day. Or an hour.


On the other hand, a robust
digital distribution solution, once it exists, is easier to expand than a
physical plant. And just as adding volume in a physical warehouse enables
investments in technology that cut costs and negotiated agreements with
truckers that cut costs, so will the increased technical capabilities that come
with digital volume. Eventually, aggregation will increase knowledge of
developing digital sales channels and what content they can monetize.


We Dub Thee DAD


To help define this new world,
here’s some nomenclature. Digital asset distributors are DADs. Publishers who
are not DADs themselves are digital …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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