What’s Happening with E-books?

October 2009

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What’s Happening with E-books?

The short answer to this question is, Nobody really knows.

Things we do know include:

The available statistics tell only part of the story.

Pricing policies haven’t jelled.

Growth rates are impressive unless you consider that they’re derived from small absolute numbers.

Cannibalization of p-book sales is a distinct possibility but by no means a sure thing.

Predictions of e-book prominence in—or even dominance of—various market sectors have been popular for years, but the horizon keeps moving farther into the future.

To bring some real-world experience to bear, we asked IBPA members to report on what they’re doing with e-books and how that’s working out. Selected responses appear below, and more will appear next month.

For information that will help you put these reports in context, see “E-books: A Big, Broad Overview”; for advice about pricing, see “What Should an E-Book Cost?” both in this issue. And to share your own e-book experiences, please email information to me at judithappelbaum@aol.com.—Judith Appelbaum

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