What You Can Control About E-book Design

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March 2012
by Tamara Dever

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Full-color covers must work well on various electronic devices, whether or not the devices provide color. Shown here: a cover in print, on an iPad, and on a Kindle.

Selected graphics and font styles can maintain the overall character of a print-on-paper book in its electronic versions, as you can see when you compare the iPad screen on the left with the corresponding printed page on the right.

What You Can Control About E-book Design

by Tamara Dever

In general, good design is good design. That means the designer always keeps the presentation media, end use, and end user in mind throughout the creative process. When a book’s cover and interior are designed properly, it should work in all media with few alterations, and the close resemblance between your e-books and your traditional books will strengthen your brand.

Still, some things will make a smooth transition to e-book format easier. I recommend starting with the assumption that each book you publish will be translated into e-book formats, eventually if not immediately. There are always exceptions, but that’s a good way to …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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