What Worked: The Anatomy of Hatha Yoga Story

July 2003
by David Coulter

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Because Anatomy of Hatha Yoga has exceeded everyone’s expectations (including mine) as far as reader receptivity and sales are concerned, I’ve taken a look back to see what might have fueled its success.

To set the stage, here are some figures:

The first printing of 5,200 copies–publication date October 2001–was done in Indiana by RR Donnelley and Sons.Our second printing of 12,000 copies (RR Donnelley) went into circulation in January 2002.The third printing, also 12,000 copies (printed in China), started circulation in January 2003; it’s now more than half gone.The fourth printing of another 12,000 copies (again from China) will begin distribution in late summer 2003.

My new distributor (Tom Doherty at Cardinal Publishers Group) picked us up starting with the third printing. He believes that sales will keep building–especially as we continue to make systematic inroads into the chains. We hope to benefit from the chains’ inventory control methods for making books available in their stores (once they have begun to stock them) according to increasing or decreasing consumer demand.


Identifying the Ingredients for Success

Clearly, the Ben Franklin Award was very helpful, although it’s difficult to come up with precise numbers and documentation. And, to my surprise, so was Amazon. At the 2001 Publishing University in Chicago, I complained heatedly to Jan Nathan that Amazon was discount…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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