What We’ve Learned About Apps

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August 2011
by Adam Salomone

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What We’ve Learned About Apps

by Adam Salomone

Within the past two or three years, content delivery has begun to seem as important to book publishers as content itself. We talk often about vanilla or verbatim e-books and enhanced e-books or e-book enhancements, and we vigorously debate the merits of book applications or “apps.”

As our experience has shown us—and as Linda Nix noted in “Apps: An Overview for the Undecided” (July)—it’s important to address several issues before embarking on development for any app, including issues related to the development process, to cost, and to purpose; it matters whether you’re creating an app to generate revenue or to serve as a marketing tool.

At the Harvard Common Press, we’re in the early stages of developing apps, but we have given the process a lot of thought. Focusing in two verticals (cooking and parenting) as we do gives us an opportunity to create apps that complement our publishing program across channels. We’ve had a multitude of discussions about specific apps.

One example: We’ve been thinking about creating an app to coincide with the 25th anniversary edition of our bestselling Nursing Mother’s Companion. For this app, we’ve been looking at enhanced functionality with nursing ti…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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