What Should an IBPA Marketing Program Look Like in 2011?

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August 2011
by Dave Marx

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What Should an IBPA Marketing Program Look Like in 2011?

by Dave Marx

Early in my tenure on the IBPA board of directors, I was invited to head the board’s working group on Marketing Programs. Clearly, I’d shot off my mouth on the topic twice too often. But I was honored by the challenge. After all, back when IBPA was the Publishers Marketing Association, wasn’t that what it was all about?

I’m also more than a little challenged by the notion that I can help move the program forward in these rapidly changing times. To hark back to a catchword from my youth, how can we keep the marketing programs relevant?

The Internet Age has provided us with many new ways to reach people, but it’s not enough to keep up with what’s new. We also need to know what’s effective, and how to use tools and techniques effectively. IBPA’s educational programs and the Independent are at the forefront of this organization’s efforts to keep us abreast of developments, and our member benefits list is full of services each of us can use on our own (often at a discount) to take advantage of some of the new tools and techniques.

My main concern, though, is the role of IBPA’s marketing programs in to…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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