What POD Can Do: Part 1

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September 2013
by Robert Rosenwald, Mary Shafer, Rod Colvin, Shannon Okey, Dan Poynter, Eugene G. Schwartz, Matt Conmy, Marcia Breece, Devorah Fox, Corinne Kantor, Susan Wittig Albert, Peter Goodman, Mary Nickum

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Print-on-demand technology is a major driver of success for independent publishers. That conclusion stems from reports by IBPA members which also show that both relatively large, long-established publishers and brand-new, one-book publishers profit by using POD.

And they show that independent publishers pioneered with POD, just as they pioneered with so many other important aspects of modern publishing, including selling through channels other than bookstores, partnering with authors on promotion, focusing on particular communities of readers, and keeping older titles not only alive but active instead of branding them “backlist’ and ignoring them from then on.

Maintaining a deep backlist is well known as one of POD’s functions, of course, and it turns out that the technology is now affecting the big houses’ tendency toward not-so-benign neglect of their older books.


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