What Makes a Webinar Work

November 2009
by Linda Carlson

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What Makes a Webinar Work

by Linda Carlson

Webinars: What are they? What’s involved? What’s worthwhile?

Let’s start with a definition. According to the many sources that Google.com cites, webinar is an abbreviation for Web seminar, a videoconference delivered by computer. One of a webinar’s distinguishing characteristics is that it is interactive: unlike a podcast or video, it allows the speaker and every attendee to give, receive, and discuss information.

Equipment may include a regular phone line or VoIP (voice over Internet). Participants usually log in to a secure URL so they can share slides and screen shots.

Only a few IBPA members or members’ authors are currently participating in webinars as speakers, but several have attended these Web seminars, and there’s lots to learn from their comments.

Critiques of Content

As Bob Daigneault of Baby Hearts Press in Temple, TX, generalized:

“Speakers on some webinars are pretty good about divulging information that authors and publishers can use. However, all that I’m aware of are produced to sell something. After a while, you have to decide if the value from the webinar is worth the time spent on the …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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