What I’ve Figured Out About Facebook

July 2009
by Maggie Anton

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What I’ve Figured Out About Facebook

by Maggie Anton

Six months ago, when the words social networking were not yet part of my vocabulary, I was vaguely aware of Web sites like Facebook, but I considered them the province of teenagers and college students. That my daughter played Scrabble and cared for fluffy virtual pets on Facebook only confirmed my opinion. But then I started getting invitations to join Facebook from adults—other authors and people I worked with in the book biz.

Still I resisted. I was fully occupied with editing Rachel—Book III of my Rashi’s Daughters trilogy—and had no time to spare for a frivolous project. Especially on the Internet, where hours could disappear into its black hole if I wasn’t diligent.

But as I started gearing up to publicize my new book, I realized that a great deal had changed since Book II: Miriam came out in 2007. Online publicity now involved more than having my own Web site, sending copies to Internet book review sites, and Amazon.com. Much more.

My daughter went one step beyond the growing chorus of voices saying I couldn’t ignore Facebook; she offered to set up my sites and show me how to manage them.

“My sites?” I asked, concerned that …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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