What Good Is a Book Publisher?

April 2010
by Steve Piersanti

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What Good Is a Book Publisher?

by Steve Piersanti

“In this new marketplace in which book sales depend heavily on the author’s efforts and general retail book sales are flat, doesn’t it just make more sense to self-publish?”

This question arises often today, given that authors’ own marketing efforts are frequently the biggest driver of their books’ sales. And the case for self-publishing is further strengthened by authors’ growing ability to reach the marketplace through Amazon.com, the new social media, authors’ own Web sites, and other means.

In fact, I concur that self-publishing is the best avenue for many books, and I often encourage authors to go this route—particularly when they are able to sell many copies of their books through their own channels for reaching targeted markets.

However, a good, experienced publisher still brings tremendous value to the book-publishing equation in multiple ways.

What Publishers Provide

Gatekeeping and curation. In today’s insanely crowded marketplace, with an overwhelming number of publications competing for time and money, publishers select and focus attention on books of particular value and quality, thereby help…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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