What Can I Expect?

June 1999
by Jan Nathan, PMA Executive Director

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Each day our office receives a variety of phone calls, all with the above question asked. Many times this question refers to one of the many marketing programs that we offer monthly.Because it’s been a while since we visited what one can expect in the marketing programs, I thought I’d discuss some of what we offer related to trade shows, especially since we have just returned from a very active Book Expo.Exhibiting with PMAAt the trade shows, what can you expect if you display your titles in the PMA cooperative booth? At a national show display, you can expect any and/or all of the following: A catalog developed specifically for each show containing information on your title, along with necessary ordering informationYour title displayed face out in its genre-specific areaRepresentatives working the booth who can offer information to those who stop by to visitOrders written onsite (although these have become few and far between)Foreign rights interest (this is developing more so at the national BEA than has been seen in the past)Exposure of your title to the attendees of the convention for potential sales, subsidiary rights sales, and other types of specialty salesIf you attend the show in person, a chance to work within the PMA booth to discuss your title (as well as titles of other PMA members) with attendees of the convention.The Show ItselfThe conventions are a good place to display wares to the potential buyers (booksellers and/or librarians). They typically…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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