What Author Groups Can Do for You

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July 2011
by Linda Carlson

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What Author Groups Can Do for You

by Linda Carlson

Writing is usually a lonely job, and even if your authors participate in writers’ groups, they often lack a professional network that can help them help their books by, for example, finding an affordable photographer who will produce an engaging author photo or giving a talk-show interview that will spur sales.

With the many hats everyone must wear in an independent press, it’s impossible to provide individual attention for every author’s every question. That’s why many different kinds of publishers are encouraging their authors to network with each other, through online groups, through occasional author dinners or group events, and through formal networking organizations.

The Here’s-How Advantage

In Ranger, GA, Tony Burton has discovered he can get authors communicating with each other when he introduces current topics in publishing through a Google Group. Originally, he says, “I simply tried to get my authors to interact with one another via email, and that was only moderately successful, usually among the authors involved in a single anthology. Last year, with Google Groups, I created a networking group dedicated to authors under each one of my company’s three imprints: Wolfmont Press, Hon…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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