What a Difference a Book Design Makeover Makes

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March 2013
by Tamara Dever

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Why do we love to watch extreme-makeover shows? Homes, yards, vehicles, restaurants, our bodies. Everyone loves to see something improve, especially when the transformation is wildly impressive, with changes that are much more than superficial. Yes, the car looks great, but it also runs better. The kitchen is gorgeous, but also more efficient and user-friendly. Although I’ve yet to see a makeover show about books, makeovers can be dramatic for them too.

We’ve all seen far too many sad-looking books trying to bust out of their lackadaisical or obnoxious skins to show their true inner selves. While most may scream, “I’m self-published,” you’ll find them everywhere in the publishing world—even on books by big-name authors from big-name houses. Don’t you feel sorry for these guys? They wait like a stray at the pound for someone to see their true potential. “I’m a gem, really!”…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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