Web 2.0 and Social Media: A Practical Guide to the New, Live Web: Part 2: Sharing

January 2008
by Deltina Hay

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Web 2.0 and Social Media: A Practical Guide to the New, Live Web

Part 2: Sharing

by Deltina Hay

Sharing in the live Web can mean offering your content easily to others through blogging indexes, feed services, and media communities; sharing your Web experience with others can mean tagging the sites you find interesting on social bookmarking sites or developing mini-applications like widgets or mashups that others can use.

The main thing to keep in mind is that media is media is media—everything can be shared—and that some kind of media community exists for anything that can be posted to a Web site, be it an image, a piece of text, an audio clip, or a video clip.

Here’s a quick look at tools you can use for sharing via the Internet.

RSS Feed Submission Sites and Services

RSS feed syndication is relatively new, so indexes, directories, and services crop up almost daily. As a result, they are particularly difficult to define and categorize. You will find them referred to as RSS feed search engines, indexes, and directories; as well as blog, podcast, and vidcast directories. For simplicity, I will refer to all of them here as RSS submission sites, since ultimately, what you want to do is submit yo…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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