Watch for Problems that CauseDelays at the Printer

October 1997
by Lynella Grant

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The following is an excerpt from Lynella Grant’s book, The Business Card Book, What Your Business Card Reveals About You . . . And How to Fix It.


Watch for Problems that Cause Delays at the PrinterTime gremlins lurk in any project, causing complications that throw it off track. Such situations are frustrating for both the customer and the printer. The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation researched the most frequent problems that arise when digital files (computer input) arrive at the printer. They found that a remarkable 57% (based on a thousand customers) had problems which caused production delays and/or increased costs. Of the 27 potential problems often encountered, they identified the 10 worst offenders.

Ten Most Frequent Problems with Electronic Files Supplied to Printers

Missing or incorrect fonts (22.2%)Missing or incorrect trapping (11.5%)-[relates to the way colors are lined up]Files defined with incorrect color, e.g. RGB [red, green, blue] versus CMYK [cyan, magenta, yellow, black] (10.9%)Scans supplied in wrong file format. (7.8%)Incorrect page settings or page setup (7.4%)Graphics not linked (5.2%)Incorrectly defined or undefined bleeds (5.2%)No laser proof supplied (4.6%)Missing graphics (4.5%)Resolution too high or too low in customer-supplied scans (3.2%)*

Changes in technology may reduce some such problems, but have been responsible for causing others. Be careful that you or your project coordinator avoid such pitfalls. A camera-rea…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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