Use Your Sell Phone to Increase Sales

August 2005
by Brian Jud

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Even without picture-taking
and Web-surfing capabilities, the phone is a powerful tool for publishers. You
can use it to persuade buyers and booksellers, among others, to purchase your
books. And you can also use it to do research, arrange media coverage, handle
follow-up, network with peers and trading partners, and pitch targeted

The telephone may be best of all
for contacting potential buyers in special sales markets, since many of them do
not buy books through distributors. Instead, they buy directly, which means
that you are the one who has to contact them, convince them to place an order, and
close the sale—all of which you can do, and may have to do, by phone.

To improve your telephone
communication skills, and perhaps sell more books more quickly, try the
guidelines that follow.

·      It is normal to be apprehensive.
Most people approach telephoning anxiously. But the more calls you make, the
easier they will become. You will find that most people are polite and
sympathetic. Just sit down, start calling, and soon you will feel more
comfortable doing it.

·      Do not call your top prospects
first. Practice by telephoning some less-important prospects. Work out the

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