Use the Power of Local Promotion

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December 2011
by Patricia Fry

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Use the Power of Local Promotion

by Patricia Fry

Yes, the Internet offers a wealth of marketing opportunities for books, but you can still generate a great deal of interest and spur a great many sales by marketing a book in selected physical communities, including regions, states, cities, and neighborhoods, that have something to do with its content and/or its author.

Here’s a checklist of options to consider.

Solicit interviews in local newspapers. For small-town papers, the simple fact that “a long-time resident” or “local author” wrote a book can be news, and the editors may be interested in interviewing the author. At the very least, see if you can get the book mentioned in the calendar or entertainment sections.

It’s more difficult to generate interviews in cities, but certainly not impossible. Although “New Book by Hometown Author” isn’t newsworthy in large metropolitan areas, editors might be interested in interviewing the author if the book relates to a current or upcoming event, something trendy, something interesting to a fairly wide audience, and/or a celebrity.

Is the book about seniors, pets, finance, travel, health/fitness, business, inspiration, or the arts? Editors of…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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