Use Magazines to Stimulate Sales

December 2005
by Jeffrey Dobkin

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No matter what kind of book
you’re publishing, chances are good that magazines can help you reach your
targeted audience. How do you find the right periodicals, and what steps should
you take when you’ve found them? Stick around for some answers.

Start by finding those wonderful
marketing reference tools, magazine directories. They’re at the library
reference desk and have names like Bacon’s Magazine Directory and Burrelle’s/Luce Media
Directory for Magazines.

You’ll find you can quickly become
a marketing expert by simply reading the two- or three-page
market-classification sections in the front of each of these giant yet
simple-to-use 2,500 to 3,000 page tomes. Although the marketing sections are
short, they present comprehensive lists for specific market and industry
categories, such as banking and finance, photography, motorcycles, or women’s

So step one is to write down any
and every category that seems likely to appeal to potential purchasers of your

The marketing section gives you
the page number where the category’s complete listing can be found. In each of
the directories—they’re all the same in this regard—all the
magazines in a specific category are grouped together in the main section. For
example, in Bacon’s,
all 50 photography magazine

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