Untangling the Commission Confusion: An Interview with Jeff Peterson, Advantage Director at Amazon

December 2002
by Pat Bell
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Question: A big question has come up from PMA members about Amazon.com’s policies on commissions for sales stemming from Advantage members’ or Associates’ sites.

The Amazon.com rules state that commissions are “15% of Qualifying Revenues from the sale of each Individually Linked Book that, on the date of order, is listed in our catalog at 10-30% off the publisher’s list price and that is added to the customer’s Shopping Cart directly from the first page that results from following a Special Link to the Individually Linked Book.”

The complaint is that Amazon has made it impossible to link directly to the book.

When a visitor clicks on a link to Amazon from a publisher’s site, it doesn’t take you directly to the Amazon item page. Instead, it takes you to an intermediate page that says: “You clicked on [whatever the book title is], you might also be interested in these other titles.” If the customer clicks on the “add to shopping cart” option at that time–fine, the referring publisher gets the 15%. But most people don’t order then. They want to look at the customer reviews and the “look inside” junk, or they just want to look around.

So then the link becomes “indirect” and the commission shrinks to 5%.

Can you shed some light on this? What is the policy? What is the rationale?

Jeff: We do pay a 15% commission if the very first thing the…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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